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Newspaper Pagina/12
Buenos Aires – Thursday, June 6th of 2002

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel*

The war which took place in 1967 was an expansion war (view)

That discrete agreement which took place between king Addallah from Transjordan and Mrs. Golda Meir from the Zionist movement in April 30 of 1948 allowed the Zionist agency to declare the State of Israel with a major percentage of the Palestinian land granted by the UNO, occupying Western Jerusalem. While the Palestine State with Eastern Jerusalem became eclipsed under the Transjordan administration, calling it Cisjordan before the astonished look of the Palestinian people, a mute in the distribution of their land.

Mrs. Meir herself became prime minister of the newly Israeli State, and just as her Zionist partners, not only infringed the international judicial laws but also offended the secret accord itself, giving place to an expansion war over the Arab territories on June 5 of 1967. They militarily occupy a 22% of the Palestinian territory and its capital –East Jerusalem headed by Jordan-, the Golan Heights in Syria and part of the Sinai desert in Egypt (it is returned later).

But for Israelis the displacement of Palestine also became the dispersion of Jordan. In the art of confusion, on June 3 of 1992, Ariel Sharon expressed: “We have to invite King Hussein to drink some coffee in order to tell him that he is not the king of Jordan any more, since that kingdom is the Palestine State”. However, the Israeli leaders themselves were confused. They confronted their expansionist reactions as that of the general of the occupation Moshe Dayan, who makes fun of the following in 1967: “we give our hands of peace to the Arabs, but we go back to Jerusalem in order not to leave it at any time”. On the other hand, prime minister Golda Meir exclaimed in 1969: “ There is nothing that can be called Palestinians, they do not exist”. All this, together with Sharon’s ideas, looking for land to Palestinians far away from their own land.

35 years from that, nothing has changed. The accords signed and the international obligations -based on the UNO resolutions- signed between Palestine and Israel were infringed in the same way that the Zionist leaders infringed the secret agreement with the Transjordan king. However, the will of the Palestinian people of being free and independent continues being so firm like the confusion of the present Israeli leaders, whose opinions are between those like disappeared minister of tourism Reehvan Zeevi, who promoted the massive expulsion of Palestinians, and those like former minister Yossi Sarid, who considers that it is legitimate the Palestine right with regard to its State. In the place of confusion, Ehud Barak drew an state with the occupation pen. This Sate is not a state but an Apartheid; the one which was surpassed by the Bantustan offered by Sahron, who now has divided the Palestinian territory into eight parts in the West Bank and into four parts in the Gaza Strip. The intentions of general Shaul Mofaz, chief of the Israeli forces, of carrying out his ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people go even further.

The lack of international reaction before the bloodshed which affects Palestinians and Israelis benefits falcons which are repudiated by the Israeli pacifist movements and accompanied for their carnal relationship with the United States to wedge the famous phrase of Sharon: “We have to hit Palestinians and it has to hurt them. We have to cause them losses and victims in order for then to learn the high price of their actions”. (March 5, 2002). Reflecting the intention of not recognizing the legitimate Palestinian National right and just covering it of epithets which vary from “terrorists to evil makers”. Unfolding an Israel on the verge of the danger of holocaust in its culture of distortion, while they impose a silent holocaust on the Palestinian people.

35 years from the Israeli occupation, where the Palestinian people and leadership recognized the Israeli State and resigned 78% of their millenary land, and Palestine just claims its independence over the small 22% of Palestine with East Jerusalem, it cannot be a matter of discussion. Nor can the Palestinian leadership and democratic president Yasser Arafat go on being victims of colonialist pressure and conditions of the Israeli leadership. While Israel forgets that its previous president had to resign for corruption, its prime minister Sharon was accused of crimes against humanity. The daily 10 million dollars Israel receives from the United States, according to former president Jimmy Carter, are used to buy weapons. Meantime, it maintains its condition VIP, where –unlike other countries- it manages to infringe the international conditions and their laws and to continue its genocide against the Palestinian people without accepting that humanitarian bodies, diplomacy and the international will of putting an end to the conflict intervene.

* Palestine Ambassador in Argentina

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