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38 Anniversary of the Palestine Revolution

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel

Al Assiffa (The Storm) Fateh´s military wing, the main political party of the Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO, led by the Commandant of the Revolutionary Forces, Yasser Arafat-Abu Ammar, stooped to the Israeli arrogance and its determination to humiliate and to subjugate to the Palestinian People when they tried to change the direction of the Jordan River’s water to prohibit the vital liquid to the Palestine Territories. The Commandant Ramadan Al Banna, in charged of the Assiffa´s revolutionary forces, because a Commandant Yasser Arafat’s order, in the first minute on January 1st, 1965, blew up the Israeli illegal central well in the Ailabun Palestinian territory, aborting the Israeli arrogance and marking the beginning of the legitimate Palestine Revolution.

Fateh embryo of the Palestinian Revolution, led by the President Yasser Arafat, was, in the course of time, the popular expression Palestinian for peace, for freedom, for independence, for living together, for dignity; and the establishment of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its Capital.

The Palestinian Revolution for Jerusalem-Al Quds, for the freedom and for the independence is in force against the current re occupation of the Israeli Nuclear Power and the Sharon’s Crimes, with the wishes to hurl to the sea the Palestinian people provoking a third massive exile, and to join their Palestinian territories, its capital Jerusalem and their Holy Places for Christians and Muslims.

The Palestinian Revolution, is the legitimate popular Intifada to recover the Palestinian People’s dignity, which they tried to subjugate, to ignore and to excluded during many centuries, specially in the middle of the past century with the creation of a State over its State and changing again its people for another one.

The Palestinian Revolution, is the reflect of their heroically Martyrs from the memorable Abdel Kader Al Husseini, who died resisting alone in front of the Zionist terrorist groups in the Qastal village, near Jerusalem, on April 8, 1948, up to the leaders of the Revolution Abu Jihad and Abu Iyad, who died by the Israeli terrorism on April 16, 1988, and January 15, 1991. Is the reflect of each Martyr, Child, Woman or Man, who died to fertilize a Holy Land with peace for the next generations. Is the illegal jail that is suffering currently the Fateh’s leader, Marwan Barghouti, and the concentration camps that applies to hundreds of Palestinians kidnapped by the Israeli occupation forces.

The Palestinian Revolution, is the strength of the President Yasser Arafat, symbol of the honor and the Palestinian popular resistance in front of the military siege imposed in his destroyed Presidency in Ramallah, that today is one year and 30 days. And is a piece of the Ariel Sharon’s arrogance policy; demanded for Crimes of War; to siege, to limit the presidential steps and to look for kill a Peace Nobel Price and Democratic President like Arafat.

The Palestinian Revolution, is which keeps alive the Arab and the Palestinian People roots in front of the international community’s accomplice silence – that different from other countries- accept from Israel (born from the United Nations test tube), to be an Occupant and Nuclear Power, and to have a Fascist government that violates all the international laws and the right of the Palestinian People to have its own Independent State.

The Palestinian Revolution, is the brave determination of the President Yasser Arafat, on September 13, 1993, to shake his strong hand to the Israeli First Minister Yitzhak Rabin (killed for an Israeli terrorist), to achieve the Peace of the Braves. A peace that no one of the Israeli leaders who came after Rabin could understand and stained with blood to the Palestinian and they are responsible for the deaths to the Israeli peoples.

The reflect of the Palestinian People, the Revolution and the Peace of the Braves in its love for the Land and in its fight for freedom, were expressed in the feelings of a Palestinian little girl, 10 years old, Rida Alyane, blind through the fault of Israeli toxic gas in the Ramallah city during the Intifada in 1987, expressing in her prose: “You are my father and I am the resistance and all of us are the resistance, I song my dignity and my homeland song, soon will dawn”.

January 1st, 2003

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