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Newspaper El Liberal
Santiago del Estero, Wednesday April 2, 2003

Exclusive interview with Suhail Hani Daher Akel, Palestine ambassador in Argentine

Nor United States or Israel could make the Arab World kneel (view)

Defense. The diplomat relized an important defense of the struggle carryied out in his country against Israel, and in the same way he talked about the anglo-american invasion to Iraq.

The Ambassador of Palestine in Argentine, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, defended the people´s selfdetermination, discussed the United States´ invasion to Iraq and criticized to the Israel´s government for their attitudes against the Palestinians.

The diplomat highlighted the resistence of Iraq and Palestine before the expansionist policies of United States and Israel. He made it in the frame of an exclusive interview, yesterday, with EL LIBERAL.

What kind of dangers has the Syria´s decision to support Iraq and to ignore the United States, Could this regionalize the conflict?

“The Syria´s support should be all the arab countries´ support, because there is an arab country attacked, in the same way, that support should be totally, as it is, for Palestine.”

“Certainly, the United States are trying to regionalize the conflict. Unites States is giving away to Syria, Iran and Libya to help Iraq. This means to regionalize the conflict. Unites States is looking for a huge conflict than the currently.
“In this way, I want to clarify, Israel is taking benefits of this tragic situation which is living currently the region, because Israel has used this smoke screen which United States gave it during many months and by chance in this invasion in order that Ariel Sharon (Israel´s Prime Minister) could intensify the ethnical cleaning carryied out against the Palestinian civil population.”

“Meanwhile the world said No to a war in Iraq, nobody said No to a war imposed by Israel against Palestine, and still that war, which is a on going war, keeps in silence. This is a war which the world wants no reaction.”
“The United States are supporting it and the United Nations can´t impose the international law, because always these laws are violated by Israel and the United States does nothing to impose them.”

Why the Arab countries, except Syria, doesn´t support Iraq?

“The League of the Arab States few weeks ago condemned the United States´ attitude and this League, in September 28, 2002, also determined that if Israel didn´t recognize the State of Palestine, the League of the Arab States, formed by 22 countries, wouldn´t recognize to Israel, but this, is not in the United States consideration.”

There are joint interests between Israel and the United States to get the Arab riches?

“There are expasionism intentions. The expansion over the territories is to get the riches, but they are wrong because not even United States or Israel could make the arab world kneel”.

“From 12 years ago, Iraq is economicaly boycotted for the United States, this is the consecuence of the hunger in one of the most rich countries in the world.”
“From 12 years ago, United States has divided the iraqi territory in three differents zones; however, they couldn´t make the iraqi leadership nor the iraqi people kneel before the american injustice”.

“Israel, since they created their country over our country , in 1948 until today and passed by 1967, where they occupyed our whole Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, our capital, couldn´t make the Palestinian people kneel, the Palestinian people which is fighting with stones against a nuclear Power like Israel”.

“In order that these powers could lighten the region if United States and Israel could understand that is impossible to subjugate the peoples, and only the national rights of each people and the no foreign interference over those peoples could permit this region live in peace. But in another way, they are fomenting the violence, terrorism and a war which could extend all over the region and the rest of the world.”

“A genocide against the Iraqi civil population”

George Bush said Saddam Hussein was a merciless terrorist. What do you think about Bush?

“I will not qualify to the President Bush. I´m not agree with the words he uses about the Iraqi president, because Hussein can only be qualified for his people.
“We believe that United States, for the President Bush´s determination, is carrying out a genocide against the Iraqi civil population. The International Court, which was opened few time ago, must intervene and must judge to the war´s leaders and their accomplices like crimes against the humanity”.

“This must be carryied out against the Israel´s Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, who is sued for crimes against the humanity in the Belgium court. We hope these responsibles for crimes against the humanity pay their faults before the International justice for the civilians´ killings”.

Could happen in Iraq the same as in Vietnam in the 60´s and in Somaly in the 80´s?

“I don´t like the comparisons. United States and the Allies weren´t surprised when they found the Iraqi resistence. The Iraqi leadership warned about the resistence and they found it in the hands of the Iraqi people. Irak is not a nuclear power. The resistence is made for the people and the army with a power very unequal.

What do you think about the massive mobilizations against the warin Irak?

“It´s good, but, we are warning about these movements against the war are the perfect smoke screen for Ariel Sharon to carrying out his ethnical cleaning program against the Palestinian civil population”.

“Palestine is victim of the israeli occupation...”

For Suhail Hani Daher Akel “Iraq is being occupyed ilegally for the United States, and is victim of an unilateral invasion for the main power in the world”.

What do you think about the parallel made by Hussein´s between the Iraqi cause and the Palestinian people cause, which is fighting against the invasors?

“Iraq is being occupyed ilegally for the United States, and is victim of an unilateral invasion for the main power in the world. This invasion violates the resolution No. 1441 of the United Nations´ Security Council.

“Our people (the Palestinian) is victim of the israeli occupation from five decades ago. Israel is a nuclear power which violated, from 1948 up till the last one issued in 2003, all the resolutions of the United Nations´ Security Council about the conflict.

You told me that United States wants to regionalize the war, Why they do this, Have they the intention to support Israel, or Have they the intention to get a better location in the region?

“United States always was an Israel´s partner. I believe there are joint actions. This is very clear when United States acts in the same way with all the countries in the world, but United States never acts in that way with Israel, which violated many international laws, with the United States´ support.

“At the same time, United States, in its search for massive destruction weapons, rebukes to Israel, which is a nuclear power, with massive destruction weapons, and moreover that weapons are applyied against the Palestinian population. Israel used many kinds of gases against the Palestinian people, and impoverished uranium also.”

“United States can´t support to a nuclear power like Israel which tries to make kneel not only to the Palestinian people but also to the arab peoples in the region.”

The Ambassador of Palestine said from the beginning of 2003 up till today 256 Palestinians were killed by the israeli occupation forces. Highlighted: “From the israeli reoccupation over the Palestinian population began, on September 28th up till today, 2500 Palestinians were killed and over 26.000 were injured. At the same time 338.000 homes were destroyed”.

Interview: Emilio Marcelo Jozami

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