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Newspaper The Nation
Buenos Aires, April 1st, 2002

Palestine was converted in the shadow of Auschwitz (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel *
To The Nation

How to form the logic amid this madness? There is no longer place for the exaggeration.

The hypocrisy in the media used by the Israeli Leadership tries to raise the altar of the justification because they want to show that they are being attacked in order to attack others; they show themselves as victims of terrorism and they impose their terrorism of State; they try to show a risk in their security and they put in danger the security of all the peoples in the region, including their own Israeli people.

Imagine how deep is Sharon insanity, that he achieved the power with the aim of pulverizing the peace that Rabin constructed with Arafat in 1993 and of impelling his public decision of living with “the sword in his hand” as he told the Israeli Daily Ha’aretz, or to boast of his auto-biography called “The warrior”, reflecting in his gaze, similar to that of Atila, the symbol of violence.

The design of the aggressive Israeli policy was intellectually outlined by the Nobel of Literature, Jose Saramago, comparing the Jewish suffering in the hands of the Nazi with the suffering of the Palestinian people in the hands of the Israelis.

In the peak of the defeat in Beirut 1982, Sharon transferred his failure to the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila assassinating five thousand Palestinian refugees. Rocket in the same peak of his defeat, after fourteen month of government where he only offered insecurity and death to the Israeli people, he transferred his new failure to the Palestinian people and leadership giving them more occupation, death and pain.

The mother of violence

In the hurricane of violence, to sum accusations and reproaches does not lead to the goals of the peoples. But it is worthy to point out that “the mother of violence” is the violence of the Israeli occupation to Palestine for 35 years and is also the violence of the military power against the Palestinian civil population, whose main weapon is the stone and the will of freedom as legitimate resistance.

In front of this chaotic situation in which the blood bathes the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, the international community must demand the resignation of Sharon

While a torrent of declarations and resolutions are converted in ink on paper by Israel, on the ground, in this months and in this last hours Sharon converted Palestine in the Shadow of Auschwitz, with its smell and flavor to death.

Attacking to the Biblical Palestinian people and its leader Arafat, to who he fenced militarily during four moths, destroying his presidency in Ramallah, plundering his offices, assassinating his presidential guards and halting himself in the red line awaiting an order to murder the Nobel Prize of the Peace 1994.

Serene and strengthened, President Yasser Arafat, without communication, light and water, expressed: ”They can martyr me and they can martyr all the Palestinian people, however, some day, a Palestinian child will hoist the Palestinian flag in Jerusalem.”

In front of this chaotic situation in which the blood bathes the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, the international community must demand the resignation of Sharon, subject him to the defendant’s seat of Crimes against the Humanity and give place so that the Israelis committed with the “Peace of the Braves”, lead to a new Israel together with Palestine on the road of the peace, dignity and cohabitation.

* The author is the Palestinian Ambassador in Argentine

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