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Newspaper CEID
Buenos Aires, Argentina – June of 2002

Sharon’ s Bantustan (view)
By Suhail Hani Daher Akel *

In 16 months of Ariel Sharon’ s government, President George Bush received him six times and he never received President Yasser Arafat. The lack of objectivity shown by President Bush makes him receive Arab leaders to deal with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but he does not receive Palestinians. And while Bush talks of a Palestine State in his dialectician; on the other hand, he allows Sharon to attack the Presidency in Ramallah, try to kill President Arafat and carry out his ethnic cleansing over the Palestinian people. This ambivalent policy carried out by the United States moves it away from being a guarantor of accords and the Unites States becomes, without doubt, a partner of Sharon with regard to the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

In the role confusion -between occupant and occupied- which is tried to be shown, we agree that Israel has right to defend itself, just as Bush prays. Actually, the Israeli defense must took place within its State and not within a foreign State which is subdued to Israeli military occupation. Calls to reflection, does not Palestine have the right to make use of this defense considering the 35-year occupation, the present Israeli State terrorism and illegal settlers’ terrorism?

While Sharon imposes his conditions on President Arafat with the compliance of president Bush, Israeli F-16 and Apache helicopters and armor cars destroy Palestinian civilians in their houses, villages, cities and refugee camps, profaning the Holy Places of Humanity and destroying their infrastructure. The lack of reaction before the Palestinian holocaust increases with the lack of international reaction before the aggressive verbosity of Sharon in the American newspaper The New York Times . There he expresses his position about a Palestine State, which is not a sovereign state but a Bantustan, and he shows himself as a victim of the Palestinian terrorism to impose the Israeli terrorism and be opposed to returning to the borders of 1967, putting an end to the occupation of East Jerusalem and -with a strong diplomatic amnesia- calling for a global peace conference with the Arabs.

On the same day that Sharon’ s pen expressed his violence in the American newspaper, the Security Council expressed its worry, the ending of violence and occupation during its meeting 4552 (June 13 of 2002). With veto or in practice, a resolution which is generally eclipsed by the United Stated and which is converted into ink over paper by Israel, just as the case of the latest resolutions of the Security Council 1397, 1402 and 1403. An eclipse which managed to change the intentions of the so-called Four group. In spite of the fact that the Unites States is one of the members, the remaining ones –UNO, the European Union and Russia- run out of air to impose their actions before the genocide of the Occupant Power.

* Palestine Ambassador in Argentina

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