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A life devoted to Peace among People and,
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Newspaper PERFIL
Buenos Aires – Sunday, January 15 of 2006

Being anxious about Sharon? (view)

Suhail Hani Daher Akel *

Thousand of Palestinians, even the Homeland Father Yasser Arafat, were the ones who dealt with death; today, the one who imposed it on them fights with his own death.

Being anxious about the disappearance of Arik Scheinerman (Ariel Sharon), referring to the fact that the peace process is in danger as a result of the possible death of the Israeli premier, involves ignoring reality.

Russians and attracted for the Zionist colonization of Palestine, his parents arrived in Palestine as illegal settlers at the beginning of the last century. For having been born in Palestine, Sharon should have been a good Palestine-Jewish; on the contrary, when he was a child, she used to brag about his mother, who slept with a rifle under her pillow. During his childhood, that rifle of violence gave rise to “Mr. War”.

With a long history of terrorism and colonialist policy which has been notorious for the Palestinian and Lebanese bloodshed, he was the creator of expansionist walls and settlements. No Palestinian is going to miss him. Many generations will be the ones which will keep alive the remembrance of horror, tragedy and grief he caused them. London mayor, Ken Livingstone, was the person who synthesized Sharon in the best way, when he said: “Sharon is a war criminal who must be in prison, not in an office”, The Guardian, 4/3/2005.

“Sharon’ s peace proposed death. The one of the new leaders will have to propose life”

We cannot trust falcons. And even though we cannot much trust pigeons like Shimon Peres, Palestinians continue regarding the Israeli people as their best partners with regard to peace. The future depends on both people. The Israeli people must desert those people who loaded a high price on the Israeli people’ s back and it must give place to those Israelis who are sincerely and honestly committed.

Sharon’ s peace proposed death. The new leaders’ s peace will have to propose life and dignity. This will only be reached with the finalization of occupation and resurgence of the Palestine State with East Jerusalem as capital city.

* Palestine Ambassador in Argentina

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