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Newspaper La Nación
Buenos Aires, friday December 14 of 2001

From Ben Gurion to Ben Laden and Sharon (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel *
to La Nacion

Since the creation of the Israel State in Palestine by David Ben Gurion in 1948, Palestine, mined by the zionist terrorism, not only worried Palestinian people but also Jewish people like Einstein, who asked Weizmann who would be later Israeli President: “What about Arabs if Palestine is given to Jews?” Weizmann answered: “What Arabs are you talking about? I do not think that is important”.

Finally, Israel occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem in 1967, depriving it of the right of having its State.

The socialist Jews –Nazis’ victims- could not find explanations of how they could liberate at another people’s expenses, occupying its land and homes.

This introduction explains in a better way the present Palestinian-Israeli conflict. With expired agreements, after Rabin, none Israeli leader was capable of finding a dignified solution to both People. Until Ariel Sharon, who today is accused of committing Crimes against Humanity, rose to power without a majority of Israeli votes, the same which forced him to resigned as Minister of Defence in 1982.

With a media hypocrisy and colonialist aspirations, Israel changes the meaning of the conflict - it calls it terrorism - it provokes extremists, it tries to cause confrontation among Palestinians, it humiliates the people and it tries to turn President Yasser Arafat into his Security Chief. As Israeli forces execute the Palestine People, they celebrate the “selective” deaths and they attack the leadership trying to run down and kill President Arafat.

According to the 4º Geneva Agreement, the Occupant Power (Israel) is responsible for the security of the occupied civil population (Palestine) and Israel – a sovereign country – is responsible for its internal security. So before the calamity of terrorism which subjects Palestinians and Israelis, Israel is the responsible one. The way of putting an end to violence is not humiliating the Palestinian leadership or turning them into hunters of terrorists, but giving back their dignity to the Palestinian people, returning the Palestine State with East Jerusalem as capital, next to Israel, and not making room for those Ben Laden who – in the name of “Palestine” - initiate their terrorism or for “Sharons” who in the name of security, destroy the structure of the future State and plan the Palestinian ethnic cleansing.

Despite the fact that many people consider that there is a solution to the conflict and many others are not interested in it, is there a solution: a just and sincere conversation in order to reach a peace agreement and to end occupation. The United States guarantee country, must change from speech diplomacy to action, controlling the fulfilment of the UN resolutions, sending forces of international observers and putting the American initiatives to use. On the contrary, the international community will continue witnessing from its comfortable stalls the bloodshed of the Palestinian and Israeli people and the decaying of the region.

* The author is the Ambassador of the Palestine Mission in Argentina

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