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To 10 years from the Oslo’s Agreements

Blood Wedding

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Ambassador of Palestine in Argentine

The sunny and windy September 13 in Jerusalem, was a similar frame to ten years ago in Washington. The sun was tanning the hope and the breeze was drying the former scar to clear the way to the emotive gesture of the hand squeeze to the President Arafat and the premier Rabin in the Oslo Agreement, that Arafat named “ Peace of the Braves “ .

The lapse of hopes that Palestinian and Israeli people dreamed, was shaken by the obstacle of Sharon y Netanyahu.

They stimulated the assassination of our associate in the peace, Rabin, and with his death, the Oslo Agreement was the mother of the agreements and more agreements that were converted in wet paper by the Israeli successors, waving their failure and that of the international diplomacy. As consequence, the large clouds and the tempest come back, and they brought the hawks engaged with the war.

The sweet flavour of the dreamed life, became in the sourish taste of death. The Blood River was widened. The agreements, the ONU resolutions and the American initiatives were left far away. The name Sharon and the reoccupation of Palestine in September 2000, exploded our heads and the word Intifada, which we thought had conserved in the memory album, pierced our kettledrums. The 55 years of the Palestine Catastrophe and the 36 years of Israel occupation, returned like ghosts in Palestinian's life.

The sound of the stones intervened again to the Israelí planes of war f16, to the Apaches, to the gases and to its powerful armoured vehicles. The infrastructure of State, recently built-up, became powder, as our martyrs, sowed every day by the Israelis in the Palestinian streets. Again the chalice of blood in hands of the fanaticism was spilt on the Palestinian and Israeli people. And the terrorism of Sharon's State, surrounded the only Democratic President in the region. It raised the Wall of Apartheid, to turn Palestine into a great Prision. It introduced the Shaul Mofaz’s plan of ethnic cleanliness on the civil Palestinian Ambassador population. It supported crucified to Jerusalem, and everything justified in name of Israel's safety and the health of the process of peace.

As television fable, the palestinian-israeli conflict integrated the tablecloth of big mansions. The United States applied its war against the terrorism and flogged the civil Afghan and Iraqi population. Meanwhile, Sharon celebrated his Bood Wedding , which today he wants to crown with his obstinate assassination to the Prize Nobel of the Peace and President Yasser Arafat .

With this opaque panorama, these prominent figures and without the sufficient international pressure, The Road Map will not be different from other agreements devoured by hawks.

Will the World continue tolerating this repeated fable of tragedy and tempest?..... Or the world will manage to perceive the message of the Israeli former Minister of Education, blaming Sharon, Mofaz and Ya’alon of " fascists and war criminals "; and it will put definitively the memory in the message of the President Arafat: " Mountains can never be, they will not even be moved by the wind ".

Buenos Aires, September 13 de 2003


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