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Newspaper El Ciudadano
Rosario – Sunday, October 25 of 1998


The representative of the PNA in Argentina said that both people desire peace, but he doubts whether the Hebrew government is going to fulfil what both countries accorded

Rubén Alejandro Fraga

Suhail Akel lived in Rosario many years. Now he represents the Palestine National Authority (PNA) in Argentina. From his home in Jerusalem, Akel had a telephone conversation with El Ciudadano. He stated that both people are interested in the peace process, but he doesn’t trust Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s will.

-What is your reflection on the Washington agreement?

-We expect that this agreement proves the success the Palestinian and Israeli people deserve. We also expect that, from now on, Mr. (Benjamin) Netanyahu stops his delaying operations, which have delayed the peace process for many months.

-PNA civil servants put in doubt the Israeli government ‘s will with regard to the fulfillment of this agreement.

-We perfectly know that Israel has not fulfilled Oslo accords up to now and Mr. Netanyahu has evaded the commitment his country assumed in 1993. It is related with the Palestinian autonomy. We will see which his attitude is going to be in the future.

-After the summit in the United States, what are the steps to follow?

-We expect that the agreement opens a new stage, where we may be able to deal with the Jerusalem’s status, refugees’ issue and the definite agreement between Palestine and Israel.

-What is your evaluation of Ariel Sharon’s appointment as head of the Ministry of Defense?

-Mr. Sharon is a war criminal; an author of the Sabra and Chatila massacres, where five thousand Palestinians were killed. But today we are not here to express resentment or have a look at the past; we are here to find a decent future for both people.

-Do the Palestinian people support President Arafat in this peace process?

-At the moment, all the Palestinian people support President Arafat. They are highly involved in the peace process and they are waiting for its success. This is our wish and the one of the Israeli people too.

-How do you hope that this process is going to finish?

-I hope that it finally leads to an independent and free Palestinian State, with Eastern Jerusalem as a Capital City.

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