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Newspaper El Patagonico
Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut – Saturday, December 4, 2004

Daher Akel brought Palestinian people’s peace message

It is the first time in history that Caleta Olivia has welcomed an Ambassador (view)

The Palestine Ambassador in Argentina, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, became the first foreign diplomat who has visited Caleta Olivia. Yesterday, he was carrying out his second-day visit to Patagonia. He said that it surprised him to see this coastal landscape in his journey to this city in Santa Cruz.

Caleta Olivia

Just as in Comodoro Rivadavia, Daher Akel planted an olive tree in Caleta Olivia. The Olive tree was planted in a boulevard located in Fagnano Avenue, where he also unveiled a commemorative plaque together with city Mayor Fernando Cotillo and members from the Arab community living in both cities.

Daher Akel arrived at around 11. Later on, in an informal conversation with El Patagonico, he said that the barren plains reminded him of his natal land, which is now staked off due to the blockade which is being promoted by Ariel Sharon. Akel accused the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of being responsible for the holocaust experienced by the Palestinian Nation, where a zigzag wall which is 700 kilometer long is trying to penetrate into it by force. The United Nations has declared it illegal, but Israel does not seem to care about it.


The Ambassador -who was accompanied by the President of the Arab Community in Caleta Oliva, Alfredo Uzzi, and the Head of the Argentine Arab Cultural Association in Comodoro Rivadavia, Ricardo Vicente- was declared Guest of Honour by the Municipality. Besides, he also received a painting by the local painter Jose Cifuentes as a reminder present.

As a reward for this kindness, the Arab diplomat gave Mayor Cotillo a book written by him. It is entitled “Jerusalem, dead and revived one thousand times”.

This took place at a hall in the Town Hall, where he gave a long press conference. During the conference, he showed journalists and officials Palestine’s historical maps, where you are able to clearly see how the Israeli regime started reducing the territorial rights of the Arab people.

At that time, Daher Akel gave a historical sketch concerning the long-suffering life of his people who have a ten-thousand-year history. But they were only able to have their self-governing country for less than 3,000 years because they were not able to face Hebrew, Roman, Crusade, Turkish, British and Israeli dominion over the centuries.

He also referred to war’s atrocities. In order to give an example, he said that around 3,500 Palestinians have died during the last four years.


Due to all facts and events he had expressed before, the plantation of a small olive tree at a boulevard in Fagnano Street showed the dimensions of the peace feeling the Ambassador demanded. On numerous occasions, the diplomat referred to the recently deceased Yasser Arafat.

In the same place, a woman who is descendent of Syrians read some verses from Koran and a catholic priest Roberto Llañez blessed the plaque and the small tree; meantime, flags representing nine Arab nations flied in a sunny and windy day.

Later on, the illustrious visitor had lunch with authorities. Then he gave an open lecture at the Municipal Cultural Centre. Finally, he attended a TV program which was recorded.

In the early evening, he went back to Comodoro Rivadavia. He is returning to Buenos Aires today in the morning.

Photo 1: He is next to Mayor Cotillo. Ambassador Daher Akel planted an olive tree for peace and unveiled a plaque at a boulevard in Fagnano Avenue.

Photo 2: The Palestinian diplomat gave a long conference on his people’s long-suffering life, showing maps where one can see how Israel started territorially staking off his territory

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