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Newspaper : The Republic

Uruguay, Montevideo, Monday, July 13 of 2009

Churches and Mosques threatened with the Judaizing of Jerusalem


By: Ambassador Suhail Hani Daher Akel (*)

Since its inception in 1948, Israel, has sought to transform the physical and demographic landscape of Palestine and its Capital Jerusalem agreed with his Zionist vision. Much of this tactic has been accomplished through the violent expulsion of Palestinian citizen from 1948 and 1967, and the Judaization of Jerusalem implemented from 1967 and increased during the times of  'peace talks'.

Hundreds of Church-owned buildings and properties were usurped by Zionist terrorists during the occupation of Palestine in 1948 for the creation of the Israel and after Israeli invasion of 1967. These buildings were transferred to the Jewish National Fund (founded in London in 1901) and rented to European Jews who immigrated illegally to Palestine before 1948 and after the occupation of East Jerusalem (1967), for colonization of the city.

The UN, called upon Israel to “rescind all meas­ures taken and to desist forthwith from taking any action which would alter the status of Jeru­salem” (Resolution 2253, 1967/6/4). In total disregard of the reso­lution, Israel confiscated over 25,870 dunums of Pales­tinian land in Jerusa­lem in the first three years of occupation alone (Report, Security Council Commission UN, November 1980/S-14268.

The Israeli attacks on the religious freedom for Christian and Muslim religious men, it is an attempt to silence the voice that expresses the pains of the Palestinian people. Among many antecedents, in August 20 of 1975 the Power Israeli occupant illegally detained the Archbishop Greek-Catholic of Jerusalem, Monsignor Hilariom Capucci  and November 8 of 1977 deported him forever of Palestine, prohibiting his return. While. In August 21 of 2002 the Power Israeli occupant illegally detained and jailed the Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem, Monsignor Atallah Hanna. In the same way that jailed to many Muslim leaders. And “they expelled of Jerusalem to Imam Ali Abisi of the Mosque Al Aksa, prohibiting its return to the city” (EFE, 2009/7/9).

The permanent Zionist intention for the city is articulate plan to push out the Palestinian Christian and Muslim populations, and while simultaneously, increasing construction of Jewish-only housing developments, erasing the Palestinian roots and Judaizing the capital of Occupied Palestine. “The Zionist mentality is founded on the idea of emptying the land of its former owners. said that the purpose of Israeli law is to Judaize Jerusalem and empty it of its Palestinian residents in order to achieve a majority of Israelis in the city”. (Nabil Mashour, chairman the Arab Orthodox Council of Jerusalem, published by Al-Hayat Al-Yadida, 2008/5/25).

Meanwhile, the Greek Orthodox Church and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem released a statement of alert that the Israeli authorities have threatened to force the demolition of  buildings owned y the churches in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Israeli occupation forces have again declared their intent for a large-scale demolition of church-owned buildings. 

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch, the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land and administrative bodies for the two main Christian branches, have received the Saturday June 27 of 2009, the demolition orders totaling 500 buildings of its churches.

The church buildings in question are mainly homes owned by the church and leased to Palestinian Christian priests, nuns and families.The buildings in question, are mainly homes owned by the Church leased to priests, nuns and Palestinian Christian families. Israeli authorities of unpunished way and without legal right, affirm that “remodeling were done on these buildings without permits”. Reason to demolish and keep the land. Without considering that these buildings belong to the Palestinian heritage from hundreds and hundreds of years.

Israeli authorities were planning to evacuate and demolish 1,900 homes in East Jerusalem during the current year. While. Its bulldozers continued digging below Sacred Place (Al-Haram ash-Sharif) of the Dome of the Rock (710aC) and Al Aqsa (690aC) Mosques, seeking the ruin of them. Marking networks of tunnels heading toward Mosque from the west and south which had led to cave-ins in Silwan village, Jerusalem’s Old City, important fissures in historical buildings and the eastern and southern walls of Islam’s third Holiest Mosque. “The occupation continues to pursue the excavations until it reaches its grand and dangerous goal of destroying the Mosque Al Aqsa”. (Dr. Hassan Khater, Secretary General, Islamic-Christian Front, Palestinian TV 2008/8/17).

Desirous to destabilize Palestine, nothing pleased to the Zionist expansionism. Since 1967, theJerusalemareaitexpandedof4to11squarekilometers,itsnewboundariesreachedHebroninthesouthandNablusintheNorth.With repressive dynamics. The restrictions on the freedom of movement have reached obscene with more than 445 Israeli checkpoints (May 2009).

The illegal strategic extension of Jerusalem's municipal boundaries, white  the bureaucratic and legal restrictions on the use of the land to its own Palestinian inhabitants; the expansion of settlements in the so-called 'Grand Jerusalem'; the construction of 73,302 future units to install a million illegal Jews settlers, of  the same 15.156 units have been approved and the construction of the Apartheid Wall of almost 780 Kms. of longitude, are the essential basis of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. “The construction of the Wall being built by Israel, the Occupying Power, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem…are contrary to international law” (NU,resolution A/ES-10/L.18/R1, 19/7/2004).

To Judaize East Jerusalem, Israel in 2009 destined 250 million dollars to increase the number of synagogues around the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to finance 5,500 Israeli housing units. “The Jerusalem Foundation for Research and Documentation, denounced the ‘Strategic Plan Extended’ of the Israeli Antiquities Authority to the Old City of Jerusalem, including the collapse of the Al Aqsa Mosque to build the Jewish Temple Solomon” (Europa Press, November 3, 2008).

These Zionist measures are  more dangerous that the occupation of the city during the 1967 War. As dangerous as the concepts of the premier Netanyahu of so-called “natural growth of the settlements” (Israeli daily Yedioth Ahrnoth 2009/6/9). Concept that must be completely rejected under international law. “The policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian terretory…have no legal validity…” (NU-SC, Resolution 446, 1979/3/22).

The Security Council Resolution 252 and 267 of May 1968 and July 1969 consider that:“all legislative and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel, which tend to change the legal status of Jerusalem, are invalid and cannot change that status of the city”. With symptoms of violence. On July 30, 1980, Israel annexed East Jerusalem to the western part occupied in 1948, unilaterally turning the unified city into its capital.

The international reject was unanimous. The UN, urged Israel the military withdrawal from Jerusalem, not turn it capital, not modify its juridical status and requested to the member countries to keep their embassies in Tel Aviv (resolution 478, 1980/8/20). Dozens of UN resolutions has repeatedly emphasized the illegitimacy of Jerusalem’s annexation as integral part of the Palestinians Occupied Territories. Before the obscene attitude Israeli of non-compliance.

The American duplicity. The President Obama calls to Israel that freeze construction of settlements. However, in London the July 6 of 2009, after the meeting of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, white the US Special Envoy for the Middle East, George Mitchell, Israel obtained the American OK for construction of 2500 new homes in settlements in East Jerusalem (Israeli newspaper Maariv, 2009/8/7).

The policy of  the robbery the land, destruction of neighborhoods and of homes from Jerusalem to Gaza, is the Zionist-Israeli policy of falsifying the past, demolishing the present and stealing the future the Palestinian people. The world indifference, encouraged the Zionist to carry out its schemes in Palestine. “We settle Jewish populations brought from far away, we have inherit their homes (Palestinian), now we are harvesting their fields, take the fruits of their gardens, vineyards in the cities we stolen them” (Intellectual Zionist-Jew Martin Bober, 1948).

From the memory. Jerusalem, was founded 3500 years bC for the Jebuseans, a Semitic-Arab-Canaanean tribe of the Palestinian genealogy and printed in 1805 bC character of administrative city, capital of Palestine-Canaan, with the reign of Canaanite King Melquisadek. The Palestinian presence was steadfast forehead the invader’s aggression and surpassed the determinations of the Hebrew King Herodes when sent to kill to the just born, the Palestinian Jesus, killing thousand of Palestinian children, or the one of the Hebrew Samson, who arrived to Gaza and by means of his suicide attack destroyed the house of the Philistinians (Palestinians), killing with his death thousand of them, according to The Bible. Before 1948, Jerusalem appeared in World Atlas like the capital of Palestine Since 1981, the Old City of Jerusalem, is listed on the World Heritage. In 1982 he was inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger because of threats to their religious property and the risk of destruction, as a result of the occupation.

With this quick insertion in the history, the interest, is to highlight the legitimate and natural right which the Palestinian people has in their land, over their heritage and origins in Jerusalem. A right because they resisted up to date all the invasions and massacres imposed over the people’s life.

(*) - First Ambassador of the Palestine State in Argentine.
   - International Analyst on the Palestinian Question

Copyright, Suhail Hani Daher Akel. Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.