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Daily: El Diario de la Republica
San Luis, Argentine, Sunday, October 30, 2005.


Opening an Arab School in the province is being projected (view)

The province Governor, Alberto Rodriguez Saa, met on Friday with the Palestine Ambassador in Argentine Republic, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, and they interchanged projects such as the opening of an Arab school in San Luis.

The meeting took placed at the Puente Blanco Official Governor Residence. There, the Governor and the Ambassador carried on a long conversation about the relations between Argentina and Palestine and the reality of the international community.

Suhail Hani Daher Akel presented the Governor with a project to open an Arab school in San Luis and he said: “the realization of this project would be a pride for the Arab-Argentine collectivity in Argentina”. The Arab countries need their collectivities possess representations, schools, education, without forgetting the fact of being Argentine, of being national”.

Rodriguez Saa told the Palestine Representative in Argentina that the Province is prepared to carry out this project. He suggested that an Intention Letter should be written immediately in order to establish the commitment from both parts for the realization of the educational project, as well as, the actions that will be carried out.

That Letter will be signed next Monday so that the school starts its school year in 2006.

The Palestinian Ambassador expressed that there are not “so many Arab schools in Argentina. Therefore, San Luis would be an example for the other provinces and he added: “ I see San Luis is very well, it is a vigorous San Luis which is constantly developing and this is interesting. I visited San Luis in three opportunities and I planted an Olive tree for peace some years ago. And that is important because the province became a partner in the peace of braves, proposed by our founding Father, Yasser Arafat”.

Representatives from the Arab collectivity in San Luis such as Julio Rabba and the President of the Syrian – Lebanese Society, Ricardo Caspari, took part in the meeting.

Photo: Rodriguez Saa received to the Palestinian ambassador in the official residence

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