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A life devoted to Peace among People and,
dignity and freedom for his Palestine people


There were lots of difficulties. It was necessary to overcome pressures and raise the press’ awareness about the expression necessity of the people, the ones who some ones tried to gag and keep their history. My recognition is for each journalist who, in the majority of cases and in their role, endured pressures and reproaches as a result of publishing the interviews.

These are not all of them. It is a reflection. They are hardly over three hundred interviews, the ones which, over time, started giving an undoubted presence and recognition to the Palestine and PLO’ s stance. They were necessary to foil rhetoric myths which distorted a fair fight for liberation and independence. The interviews reveal the historic and contemporary events which started shaking the Palestinian people. In each interview, words are filled with the suffering and pain of the people living under occupation. In the expressions, I emphasize my opposition to injustice and violence, keeping hope, dignity and peace alive. That is, what the Palestinian people and the peoples in the region and in the world deserve.

Until Jerusalem

Suhail Hani Daher Akel

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Uruguay is one of the countries in Latin America which hasn't got a Palestine Representation - July 29th, 2007

Israel does not have moral ethics to demand Jerusalem - July 1, 2007

Finalization of Palestinian Ambassadorís tenure May 2006

A Palestine Ambassador gives a discourse in Monte Caseros - Apr 28 2006

A country which is resisting is not a terrorist country - Apr 2006

I do not know whether that caricatures are the Prophet - Apr 2006

Governor welcomed Palestine Ambassador - Olive tree for peace - Mar 21th 2006

Jesus Christ has been the first Palestinian Martyr - Mar 20th 2006

Middle East finds peace in front of Fray Mocho (a historical place) - Feb 14th 2006

The Palestine Ambassador has visited Los Surgentes - Nov 9th 2005

Opening an Arab School in the province is being projected - Oct 30th 2005

Palestinian Ambassador accuses his Israeli colleague of “interference” in Uruguay - Oct 13th 2005

Resistance cannot be accused of terrorism - Aug 13th 2005

Sharon turned Palestine into Auschwitz shadow - Jul 4th 2005

Israeli withdrawal from Gaza is going to be a failure - Jun 20th 2005

Argentina is a friend country - Mar 28th 2005

We do not form the hopes on the base of other people’s death - Mar 10 2005

The occupation must end - Feb 12th 2005

All of us have to fight against terrorism - Jan 21th 2005

It is the first time in history that Caleta Olivia has welcomed an Ambassador - Dec 4th 2004

Palestinian Ambassador has blamed Israel for the death - Nov 12th 2004

Israel and Sharon are responsible - Oct 29th 2004

It is a tragedy, but there is some hope - Oct 22th 2004

The international community is responsible for what it is going on in Palestine - Oct 22th 2004

In that territory, each measure of length possesses historical Palestinian roots - Oct 18th 2004

The Palestine Ambassador has criticized the Israeli policy in Middle East - Sep 29th 2004

The diplomat has been declared Illustrious Citizen - Sep 29th 2004

We must honestly speak of terrorism - Nov 23th 2003

The construction of The Wall is leading to a bath of blood - Aug 27th 2003

The international community has divided my country - Aug 21th 2003

Sharon is not a man of peace and he is proving it - Jun 13th 2003

Nor United States or Israel could make the Arab World kneel - Apr 2th 2003

Israel has no right to humiliate Palestinians - Aug 28th 2002

A ceremony in favour of peace at the corner of Palestine and State of Israel - Aug 26th 2002

A reply to Ariel Sharon - Jun 16th 2002

Israel has only offered us the Apartheid - May 26th 2002

Our defence is a legitimate one - May 22th 2002

We are in the same way than 54 years ago - May 16th 2002

Occupation is the mother of violence - Apr 28th 2002

We do not accept maps which are imposed on us by means of the occupation pen - Apr 14th 2002

We are not going to be submitted - Mar 30th 2002

Peace only depends on Israel - Mar 24th 2002

We are acting in legitimate self-defense - Mar 17th 2002

Sharon carries out the final solution against the Palestinian people - Aug 5th 2001

We fight for the achievement of the peace of the braves - Apr 27th 2001

The peace process is going to continue in spite of all this - Oct 8th 2000

There are two victims: Palestinians and Israelis - Oct 4th 2000

Cohabitation of two flags - Aug 22th 2000

Israel has nothing to reclaim - Aug 19th 2000

Hot points, agreed points - Jul 30th 2000

Our people are bound to fight for their liberation - May 23th 2000

Palestinian Ambassador, an Illustrious Visitor - Dec 18th 1999

I do not know people who love war - Nov 15th 1999

Both people desire peace - Oct 25th 1998

Is the day of the great catastrophe - Apr 30th 1998

Israel cannot hold Jerusalem captive - Nov 25th 1997

We are not Israel’s enemies - Aug 25th 1997

Jerusalem must be a capital city shared by Palestine and Israel - Jul 3th 1997

Palestine wants the peace process to advance in Middle East - May 24th 1997

Strong critics from the Palestine Ambassador to Benjamin Netanyahu - Apr 23th 1997

Jerusalem will be the capital city - Feb 1996

Fruitful relationship with Argentina - Jan 21th 1996

Jerusalem will be the capital city of Israel and Palestine - Dec 30th 1995

Peace in Middle East is irreversible - Dec 17th 1995

Israel is the one which must stop violence - Jan 23th 1995

The peace process is irreversible - Mar 27th 1994

We were thrown out of our land, but we want to cohabit in peace - Mar 27th 1994

The Palestine Ambassador referred to the peace agreement - Nov 11th 1993

A high – price peace - Sep 9th 1993

The Palestinian people will be able to come back - Sep 13th 1993

We are going to continue fighting for a dignified peace - Feb 3th 1993

The blow which breaks our back encourages us to go on - Jan 15th 1993

Intifada will stop with “the liberation of Palestine” - Nov 1th 1992

PLO’s voice in Argentina - Oct 15 1992

Without a total withdrawal from Middle East, peace will not take place - Oct 5th 1992

Jewish Magazine - May 1992

With stones and sticks facing Goliath - Dec 8th 1991

Our people already proved that it is prepared for peace - Nov 27th 1991

Palestinians in the Gulf conflict - Feb 22th 1991

We support the great Arab cause - Jan 30th 1991

If there is a war, we will be the first victims - Jan 15th 1991

Palestinian proposition - Dec 19th 1990

Urgent need of an international conference - Nov 16 1990

Gulf crisis must be solved by Arab countries - Nov 4th 1990

Without an Israeli withdrawal there will be no accord with Palestinians - Jun 21 1989

We are not terrorists - Jan 5th 1989

The Intifada has achieved more than three wars - Nov 18th 1988

New generations have overcome fear - Feb 24th 1988

We are struggling against a nazi state - Jan 19th 1988

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