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Newspaper: La Voz del Interior
City of Cordoba – Argentina, 27th August 2003

Interview with Suhail Hani Daher Akel, Palestinian ambassador in Argentina

The construction of The Wall is leading to a bath of blood (view)

Alejandra Conti

"Increase deeply what is happening. The last suicidal attack were a consequence of Israel violation of fire cessation declared on June 29 and the commitments acquired with the National Authority Palestine as the Road Map. This situation of violation of agreements, which includes the continuity of the so called selective assassinations and the construction of illegal settlements in Palestinian territories as the construction of The Wall of Apartheid, is leading to a bath of blood”.

In dialogue with The Voice of the Interior, he exposed his point of view on dramatic moments that are lived in Middle East.

-Of the Palestinian side is there any self-criticism with regard to this situation?

-Certainly we are always going to find something for self-criticism , but we want people understand that ours, is the struggle for the liberation. We are not an occupant power. Israel is the occupant, who does not obey the tens of resolutions of the UNO. They have gases, planes, tanks. The Palestinians defend them self as they can of the occupation. Look at the case of the Wall. The Israelis said in the beginning that it was going to have 345 kilometers of length, later they said that it was going to have 600 kilometers and now it looks like that is going to have a thousand. They lead constructed 245 km of wall to a cost of two million dollars for kilometer. Besides, the wall is in Palestinian territory and it is going to absorb 20 Palestinian villages or probably more. This implies that between 90 thousand and 200 thousand persons are going to remain without housing and that Israel is going to annex from 25 to 58 per cent of Palestinian territory. If to ours already small territory diminishes it this way, say me, where are we going to construct a State?

“We condemn the terrorism, but we must start by solving the terrorism of State that exercises Israel”

-But in spite of everything it is well-known that the terrorism of Palestinian groups as Hamas and the Jihad Islamic, besides that unjustifiable, only provokes more of the Israel's repression....?

-We condemn the terrorism. The President said it already. It is true that there is a problem of terrorism, but we start by solving the terrorism of state that exercises Israel and that of the colonists. The problem of the violence is the occupation. It is not possible to compare the struggle for the liberation of the Palestinians with the Israeli State terrorism. Certainly, we do not agree with those who fly themself away in a pizzeria, but we also do not agee with Israel's violence when they demolish the house of a suspect of terrorism.

We do the possible thing to avoid suicidal attacks. But, what is different when one israeli soldier, armed up to the teeth attacks civil Palestinians in Palestinian territory? The responsible of this is the Government of Ariel Sharon. On the other hand, today we see the capricious performance of The United States and Israel of extracting of political context to The President Arafat who is the only President chosen democratically in the region. Nevertheless on Friday The United States asked Arafat to give premier Mahmoud Abbas the necessary support. So that on the one hand, Arafat is tried to discard, by other one the reality and the power pass through Arafat.

-You speak about illegal settlements. To raise them seems to be impossible. What is going to happen with the settlements that stay in Palestinian territory?

-We do not have any problem with the Jews who want to continue living in these populations, if they accept the Palestinian sovereignty on them, like it has to be. Accepting the Palestinian laws, it means that they will have to return the weapons that the government gives to the colonists. Also they will have to resign the privilege of killing Palestinians without being judged.

Photo: Akel revindicates Arafat´s authority

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