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Newspaper The Nation
Buenos Aires, March 23, 2004

An cowardly attitude that exceeded the red line (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel *
to The Nation

It is one of the many cowardly crimes. The Israeli terrorist assassination against the spiritual leader Ahmed Yassin, exceeded the most sensitive red lines. And the satisfaction of Sharon is irritating.

Sharon made the first step to achieve his final goal of assassinating to the leader and democratic president Yasser Arafat, fenced militarily since 2001, in an obstinate attempt to behead the Palestinian leadership, to crack the unity, and create inside of their apartheid walls, Palestinian ghettos servile to Israel.

This attitude of Sharon, looking for the Palestinian answer, is destined to justify new and renewed massacres, on the base of the Israeli official myth of the terrorism, and so, to apply its terrorist extermination policy.

The people of Israel must summon to the objectors of conscience of the Israeli army and to the advanced sectors, to request the resignation of the government of Sharon and to choose a government compromised with the peace, and not one lover of the violence and destruction.

“Sharon made the first step to assassinate Arafat”

Israel must understand that can not keep the Palestinian people enslaved for 37 years of occupation, depriving it of its essential rights to exist.

The unique destiny of Israel, as occupant power, is to withdrawal of the occupied territories in 1967, including Jerusalem. In the measure that Israel persist in keeping the occupation and strengthen the fire of the hell as mother of the violence, undoubtedly is going to generate violence and in that violence both peoples stay wrapped up.

UN Resolutions

Sharon can not stop perceiving that the permanent humiliation of the Palestinian people reinforces its unity and wishes of freedom. Reason why must facilitate the quick, worthy and negotiated withdrawal.

The deafening silence must explode and pass from the speech of the diplomacy to the speech of the action. The condemnation of Europe, of the Holy Father and of the rest of the world was made feel quickly. Nothing touches Israel, and it lets all reduced to ink on paper.

It must be executed the resolutions of the UN, that demand Israel the end of the occupation; of the construction of the wall; the settlements and the occupation of Jerusalem. We can not look to the side while Israel inculcates the hatred in the region.

* Palestinian Ambassador in Argentine

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