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Newspaper Clarin
Buenos Aires, Monday August 13, 2005

Dangerous Israeli Semantics (view)

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Palestine Ambassador in Argentina

¿What does Prime Minister Ariel Sharon mean with his “Disconnection Plan” and his unilateral initiative, without agreements signed with the Palestinian Government and the UN?

The partial 6% withdrawal from the Palestinian territory, which has been occupied for 38 years, shows the lack of interest in putting an end to the conflict and it calls for violence. The term “disconnection” is not a legal figure guaranteed in the Geneva Convention in 1949. As such, UN resolutions demand the Israeli total military withdrawal from the Palestinian territories which were occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

Gaza will be able to breathe air of freedom or it will be the enclosure of a great prison, with Israel having the control of the sea and each life of a million and a half of Palestinians which will remain separated from their People in Cisjordania. Even worst, there are 400 thousand settlers and 200 settlements in Jerusalem and Cisjordania - Israel does not desire to give a solution to this situation.

In his romantic expression, the Israeli president Moshe Katsav should not have apologized for taking out the settlers from the occupied territories, on the contrary, he should have apologized for taking them into a foreign territory in order to colonized it. And when they try to show the anger of those settlers who are forced to leave that place they have occupied for 30 years, maybe it is better understood the Palestinian grief after being expelled from that land, after living in it thousands of years.

While the dangerous Israeli semantics makes the world pay attention to Gaza, Sharon continuos the Apartheid Wall construction – which will reach 720 km. long and will keep 58% of Cisjordania.

The world, the Israeli majority and the Palestinian people dream of seeing peace. But if peace is not reached by means of dignity, it is difficult.

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