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Diario La Republica
Montevideo, Uruguay Republic
Sunday, September 6th of 1992

Point of view

Doves which fly with falcons’ wings (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO in Buenos Aires

Without being unaware of this new age that the world lives, where the objective is to dignify the people and solve regional conflicts through dialogue, understanding and reconciliation, Palestinians, victims of the Old Order, sum up our will and hope, searching that the exercise of our national and legitimate rights was assured, and not being finally the prey of the New Order. Within this context, we revalue within the heart of our Intifada, the entire Palestinian question, and we guarantee a dignified life for both people to recognize the State of Israel and bring them safe borders.

But a new symphony of the political dialectics exposes us in the hands of the so-called falcons and doves, as if destiny had divided them during the Palestine occupation in 1967 or in 1982, they felt extraneous at the massacre of thousands of Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Chatila camps, or perhaps the doves did not fly with falcon’s wings when they unloaded their compact repressive ire from the beginning of our Intifada in 1987, leaving behind the excrement of their fury.

With the intention of showing more clearness, it is important to emphasize under their own acknowledgement, the terrorist role of the well-known falcon former Premier Shamir, who did not regularize his situation at Interpol yet, with the theory of the “Iron Fist” from the former Defense Minister Rabin, considered a dove.

Undoubtedly, the Israeli vote during the last elections was a contribution to peace, but even Rabin newly administration did not show that intention. The renewed oxygen in the sixth round of the Peace Conference in Washington is still maintaining us in a complete unevenness. Not only we are still under the boot of the occupation, deprived of our national rights, but also we are victims of intolerance, proscriptions, deportations, the punctual decision of forgetting their electoral promises and, against the international will, the ending of the construction of 11,000 housings in the Jewish settlements on our land.

In the middle of this climate of siege and negation, Palestinians committed ourselves to a policy of flexibility around the peace, facilitating Israel the enforcement of the United Nations resolutions 242 and 338 of 1967 and 1973 respectively which claim for the restitution of the territories occupied by force, and the resolution 478 of 1980 which does not recognize Jerusalem as their capital city, proposing them to accept an autonomy internationally supervised which let us have our own government by means of free elections, controlled by the United Nations, with the covering of the international press; let us have our own laws, emerged from a Legislative Assembly composed transitorily by 180 members; to develop our international relationships, an control of our own land, water and security, going through a mediate future State of Palestine. On their hand, the occupying forces, with weak arguments reduce our claims just to municipal elections together with a generous limited autonomy, which let them add another province to their State. Meanwhile, they subtle mix up our sovereignty proposal with a vague idea of partnership through an “Administrative Council” of only a dozen of persons.

In this way, and maintaining intact their 2,500 military decrees which prevent our developing in the political, cultural, social and commercial aspects, they put in evidence that the Israeli autonomy is only for the individual and not for our territories, leaving aside the idea of unification of our people and our land in a self-determination.

On their hand, while the Unites States makes noise with their annoying war drums in the Gulf zone, they float back their historic romance with Israel, jeopardizing the neutrality with which the Peace Conference was put forth, and the final solution to the Palestinian question. Nevertheless, this will be a test where the American administration will be able to show if the International New Order points to impose legality, peace and justice, or if on the contrary, it will nourish at the expense of us and of the impoverished and submitted people.

The intransigence, not away from the new Israeli administration, goes on with the systematic desires of falcons in eluding our real representation, searching in the void to create any alternative leadership. By moments, their blindness is near the ironic, since that while they sustain laws forbidding the dialogue with the PLO, their delegation is sitting next to our Palestinian delegation, formed by members of the PLO which receive direct instructions from the Palestine President, Eng. Yasser Arafat.

If Israel is still systematically denying the PLO, they will be denying the peace, and they will be denying the pacific solution of two people, Two States. Nevertheless, if Israel repeals that law, they will be bravely promising a future of peace. If the Prime Minister Rabin accepts the invitation of President Arafat of sitting at the table of the grandees, a new De Gaulle will be embodied in the figure of the labor leader. Our noble and heroic children and old people are still with their indefatigable civil resistance against the military occupation, sustaining in one hand the stone of freedom and in the other hand a branch of olive tree as a symbol of peace, with their eyes put in a dawn of freedom and independence which illuminates the soil fertilized by our ancestors with their love for Palestine... Israel must not let itself spring from the hands of our people the branch of the olive tree.


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