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Diario Clarin
Buenos Aires, Argentina, Thursday 30th December 2004

Elections in an occupied country

by: Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Ambassador of Palestine

“In Jerusalem only can be buried Hebrew kings not Arab terrorists”. The expressions of the Israeli minister of Justice, Lapir, after the death of Yasser Arafat, exceed the biblical Jewish precept: “When your enemy falls, do not be happy”.

The Israeli spokesmen when exposing a new horizon in the Middle East crossroad, without putting an end to the occupation, they continue with their annoying myths. Kindred with the Israeli preachment of Golda Meier: “Nothing Palestinian exists”, Sharon constructs an apartheid wall, he imposes terrorism of State and he usurps Palestinian territory, invoking to his myths of security and terrorism.

Can a civilian people produce insecurity to a Nuclear Power? The Israeli scientist Mordachai Vanunu said in 1986: “Israel is able to blow the region in seconds”. About terrorism, something that we hate, Which is the Israeli ethic when they used that lash in order to establish their state in 1948?

With the death of Arafat, Israel demonized again to the Palestinians in order to show its inability. The Palestinian adulthood with pain and democratic volume appealed to the articles 5th and 13th of the Basic Law of 1995. It assumed the President of the Legislative Power and he called to elections on 9 January 2005.

To the world, the Palestinian destiny is defined by their elections. The world will interpret that the day after the elections Palestine will continue under the occupation and the democratic elections will be in an occupied country with a people forced to shun walls cleverly and with obstacles to vote.

But the Israeli people is not the Israeli government. Most of them feel annoyed with the load of the Palestinian holocaust on their backs, similar to that of the German people entangled in the Jewish holocaust by the Nazi regime.

The opinion strengthens the Jewish ethic and confronts the Zionist justifications of Leo Wertheimer in 1918: “The anti-Semites created a Jewish conscience in many Jews that did not want to be Jewish”. The comparisons are not fatidical. The mentioned European anti-Semitism, product of the Jewish suffering in front of the international silence is the current silence in front of the anti-Semitism of the government of Sharon against the Semite Palestinians.

The leaders of the Palestinian-Israeli peace, Rabin, dead in the hands of an Israeli terrorist and Arafat, martyred by Sharon, they are not longer here physically.

Their legacies that not rejoice Sharon, magnify the conscience of the orphans Palestinian and Israeli peoples.


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