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Newspaper La Capital
Rosario, Wednesday, December 30th of 1987

Ending the International Year of the Palestinian People

Por Suhail Akel *

United Nations decreed 1987 as the International Year of the Palestinian People. In this ending year it is also 70 years of the Lord Balfour declaration, 40 of the Palestine partition, 20 of the 1967 war, and it is the 5th anniversary of the events of Sabra and Chatila.

It is no coincidence that after 1986 was decreed by the United Nations as the International Year of Peace, the non-governmental organizations of the United Nations meeting in Geneva, declared 1987 as the International Year of the Palestinian People; neither are the item taken into account accidental, they show the passages that have turned the Palestinian people into one of the most tortured, ignored, persecuted and massacred in the history of the peoples.

The reason for the present concern of the United Nations and its different organizations in attaining the inalienable rights that belong to the Palestinian people is in a certain way a moral reparation for an action without precedent in the history of humanity, which was the partition of a completely populated land without the consent of its aboriginal inhabitants, creating fictitious borders that took to the logical division not only of the territory but also of the population, thinking of this as a solution to the problems of the European Jews who have suffered another of man’ s great injustices by way of Hitler’ s ominous camps.

Nevertheless, history has demonstrated that the Jews had lived in Palestine during centuries with their Arab brothers and they formed an indivisible part of the Palestinian people, with all their civilian and religious rights – an eloquent example is the intact conservation during so many centuries of the holy places the Jews possess in Jerusalem -, but upon inserting European (ashkenazis) Jews, on behalf of the interference of the colonialist minds of England in the first place and the United States of America in the second one and with the logical incidence of international Zionism, which appeared in 1897 and whose objective was to turn the holy land into the “promised land” of Germans, Russians, Hungarians, Polish, et cetera, of Jewish origin who possessed different physical appearances compared to the original Jews (sefaradim), as well as, different customs and culture, this created the logical reaction from those who did not want the essence of Palestine modified nor could they accept a territorial castration by an entity which at that time did not possess universal power because it was formed by only 53 countries, of which 30 passed the partition (Argentina abstained).

Notwithstanding, and with the unconditional support by the United States of America, the Zionist agency achieves the Palestine partition, the amputation of its legitimate inhabitants. After 1947, this small territory, which had seen the birth of the son of God and which was around 22,000 km2, was transformed into the blood nest of the vampires that have taken advantage of both people now separated, so as to continue advancing in their expansionist theories.

But of course history is now irreversible and two realities exist today, first: a Western garrison State in the region and dispossessed people, exile people within their own homeland and outside of it.

None of these sorrowful situations were predicted by the United Nations when it carried forth the partition, and this is the problem, how can we stop the aggressive Israeli State and how can we stop its constant longing of exterminating the Palestinian people. We believe that the solution is being born in the spirit of the progressive Israelis that met with the PLO in Rumania and Budapest, and the contribution made by the brother progressive Jews who met with the Palestinian right here in Argentina, and where from these three points in the world, among many others, there was an agreement with the International Peace Conference in the framework of the United Nations, with the participation of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization – PLO – sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, in equal footing with the other parts in conflict and with the permanents members of the United Nations Security Council.

The PLO has already accepted the Israelis, progressive Jews and all men who love peace too; now it is up to the governments of Israel and the United States, being the responsible ones for the fact that the future Jewish and Palestinian generations coexist with the taste of life or death.

* Representative of the Palestine Information Office

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