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Magazine KEY News
Buenos Aires, 10 March of 2005

Middle East: “We do not form the hopes on the base of other people’s death” (view)

The Ambassador of Palestine in Argentina, Suhail Akel, was annoying by the sayings of
Israel about which "the death of Yasser Arafat is a light of hope ".

The diplomat stood out in addition who "Israel is a nuclear power"

The Palestinian Diplomat affirmed to Key of News, “we do not form the hope of a people on the base of other people’s death. We find that terms very odious. Constructing a future of peace on the base of the death of a democratic president, of a popular leader, of a Nobel Prize of the Peace like it was the President Yasser Arafat, I sincerely believe that these are excessively discriminatory statements”. The Israeli Ambassador had carried out declarations in that sense to this agency.

We want to construct the peace on the base of the future of two peoples in peace, of two peoples which cohabit together, as friends and neighbors, with equality of rights. The Palestinian people is fighting for its liberation” continued Akel, who highlighted: “president Arafat is the father of the homeland, he has dedicated his life to seek the independence, and at the same time he has achieved something that it is very important to us, which is the return of the Palestinian people to the occupied territories.

When we consulted about the advance of the meeting of Sharm El-Sheikh between the Palestinian and the Israeli Governments, he explained that the ceasing of fire “is interpreted as if there were two confronted states, in war, which use all their potential against the other and which achieve an agreement in order to seek some kind of solution and to lessen the militarily decibels. We are in front of a military power, which shakes daily to a civilian population, as it is the Palestinian people. However, we have accepted to sign this fire-cease, but at the same time this signature comes after 11 years of signatures, of agreements and more agreements on the bases of the resolutions of the United Nations and of a definitive withdrawal of the Palestinian territories on the part of the Israeli occupation army, including East Jerusalem.

Thus, Israel also violated this ceasing of fire. It assassinated two Palestinian children, up to now the assassinated are 13 Palestinians, there are more than 100 wounded and at the same time it has started a campaign of destruction of houses in Jerusalem. And in February it decided to annex officially the 7% of East Jerusalem in order to enlarge two Israeli illegal settlements”
, Akel complained.

About the recent London Conference, the Palestinian diplomat asserted to see “with good eyes” that the international community “has supported the restitution of a State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as capital city, and at the same time it has supported a financing to the Palestinian people and Government”; and he pondered the initiative of the United Nations, United States, Europe and Russia for the resolution of one of the main conflicts in Middle East.

In this sense he pointed out: “We want this to be carried out on a firm base and not with situations that Israel uses in a dilatory way in order to continue moving forward in its program of castration of the territory of Palestine. So that we are asking to definitively pass from the diplomatic statements to the diplomacy of the action and to demand Israel the destruction of this Apartheid wall” what was already requested by the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

Israel thinks that it is giving Israeli territory for a future Palestinian territory. This is a big mistake. Israel was created within Palestine on the base of an international decree that it violated occupying a greater quantity of territory”, said Akel.

Lastly, the Palestinian ambassador expressed to this agency that Israel is a nuclear power: ”Israel was always demanded to open its nuclear bases so that the are investigated, something that Israel always rejected. Israel is a nuclear power, according to the statements of the very Israelis”, asserted Akel when quoting the accusation of the Israeli scientist Mardachai Vanunu, who exiled himself and denounced his country had the capability to “blow the region in few seconds”.

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