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Magazine El Restaurador
Students’ centre Law School - Salvador University
Buenos Aires, Year 1996

Your God, my God, the God (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the Argentine Republic

In the name of God or gods, man found the best excuse to justify his ambition, his selfishness and his eagerness for power, without even forgiving to his messengers.

In the name of supposed gods, Jesus Christ was killed and his followers, Christians, were eaten by the lions in the Roman Circus. In the name of other gods, the prophet Mohammed was expelled from The Meca and those who were with him were massacred.

In the name of God, the Saint Inquisition considered that Muslim and Jews did not have the right to share the Spanish land and they were expelled. Convinced of being the bearer of a divine message, Adolph Hitler decided to improve the human race and he provoked a holocaust to Germans, Russians, Polish, and gypsies among others, where Jews, Christians and Atheists, black and white shared the terrible taste of death. Contributing with others who made their holocaust with Armenians, Japaneses, Arabs, Africans, Americans and nowadays the Palestinian one and the Rwanda one.

One day, the Palestinians were aware that there were men who considered our land as their “Promised Land” and they expelled us from our homes in the name of God. And, in a gray morning on June 15th, 1969, with the attributions maybe of any god, the Israeli Premiere Golda Meir sentenced in the Sunday Times: “Nothing existed that can be called Palestinians, simply they did not exist”.

The truth is that the Holy Books of The Torah, The Bible and The Koran not only were blasphemed but also they became “illuminated” in real estate writing, strength of power and Saint Wars, changing the word of God from “Love into hate the ones to the others”. Meanwhile, the prophecies towards humble and helpless people were taken in advantage by the powerful people in order to submit to the people, as it happened with the fall of the Palestinian City of Jerico, in hands of Hebrews. According to The Bible in its chapter of Josue, 6:21, it says: “ And they destroyed – at the edge of the sword – all there was in the city, men, women, young people, old people, and even the sheep, donkeys and bullocks”.

Also the Hebrew Samson, invoking the name of God, threw down Gaza, the home of Philistines (Palestinians), dying along with dozen of them. The Biblical story in Judges 16:10 says: “The ones he killed when he died were much more than the ones he had killed during his life”. This action can be interpreted as the seed that grew in the nowadays “fundamentalist” suicide terrorism of our modern era. From those who think that God will gratify them for having invoked his name and having decimated to hundreds of human beings in Mosques, Churches and Synagogues, in people and states.

God who is unique and a symbol of love preached in the words of the Palestinian Jesus Christ: “Today I have come to bring life and life in abundance”. Black, yellow, read and white men, Christians, Jews and Muslims must just generate life above death in the name of God.


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