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Newspaper: "The Independent of Canary" 

Canary Islands - España, March 6, 2008     

Silence is accomplice of Palestinian Holocaust (view)

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel *

It is unacceptable to appeal to the security, locking other people up. With a typical Nazi language, the Israeli deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai threatened a Shoah (Holocaust in Hebrew) in the Gaza Strip: “The more of Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they will bring upon themselves a bigger holocaust, because we will use all our might to defend ourselves” (Israeli army radio, February 28, 2008). Between the crossing of words, the Political Head of Hamas, Khaled Mishaal, said: “…If you (Israelis) chose to invade Gaza, then the 1.5 million Palestinian citizens there will fight you the lion fight although their weapons are simple and primitive”. 

 At policies similar to Zionist attitude and verbosity of Minister Vilnai, the Nazis destroyed the Ghettos to defeat the Europe-Jew resistance, like Israel destroyed the national Palestine infrastructure to destroy resistance. As well as the Nazis restricted to essential public services such as water and electricity, the Israeli government was restricted to Palestinians in Gaza. As well as the Nazis limited the Jewish inhabitants from adequate health care, the Israelis regime restrict the health care in Gaza by limiting the medical supplies. Like the Nazis who jailed with cruelty to thousands of people in their concentration camps, the Israeli government maintains since years to more than 12,000 Palestinian prisoners in inhuman state. In the same way that the Nazis applied their Shoah, the Israeli administration was applied to the Palestinian people.

 On March 03 was the bloodiest day, 67 Palestinian, including 24 children’s and 1 baby, were killed and 268 injured, during  “Hot Winter Operation”, incursion by earth and air of Israeli Occupation Force-IOF in Gaza. Since February 27, during 120 hours of incursions the IOF killed 132 Palestinians, including 41 children, 14 women and 3 babies, 391 injured, many of them still in serious condition and more than 281 Palestinians kidnapped.  In the past two years the IOF killed 668 Palestinians.

 The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, condemned to Israel (March 01). Also, condemned the launching of Palestinians missiles, without considering, that Israel is the Occupant and Nuclear Power, and the missiles (with little firepower) form part of the Palestinian resistance against terrorism of Israeli State, the warplanes F-16, the Apache helicopters and armor cars Abrams and Merkeva that it destroys Palestinian civilians in their houses, villages, cities, refugee camps and profaned the Holy Places of humanity, destroying its infrastructures.

Ignoring the condemns, the Israeli army and Israeli Air Force during the Saturday rest continue attacking the Gaza Strip. The Sunday March 02, warplanes F16 they attacked the Hamas office of the premier Ismael Haniye with intentions to assassinate it, killing 10 Palestinians in Gaza and 4 in West Bank. The American F16 also targeted the headquarters of the Palestinian Laborers Syndicate in the Saftawi neighborhood in the north of Gaza City, destroying it completely. Days before, bombed to Palestinian Interior Ministry and March 04, two missiles sent by warplanes F-16 flew the building of five floors of Palestinian Syndicates General Federation in Gaza, killing 6 civilians.

 During that bitter black Sunday, in the meeting of the Israeli cabinet, the Vice Premier Haim Ramon asked to Ehud Barak why the Forces was not directing massive fire at the areas from which missiles Qassam are being launched, expressing to him: “According to international law, you can do that”… “In the Second Lebanon War it was clear that if they shoot from within a village, we can fire on them even if the area is populated”(…). Israel talks about the international right when it is his own convenience, but ignores its obligations within the international law relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war, according to articles 31-32, 33, 146-147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

 After the visit of President George W. Bush to the region and its false promises, the massacres in Occupied Palestine fomented in confidential coordination with the American administration and regional forces, transferring our memory the Lebanon war in July 2006.

 To the light of the genocide in Gaza, in Palestine north zone (West Bank) and in Jerusalem capital, the High Contracting Parties, in particular members European Union States, must apply to their legal obligations under the common article 1 of Geneva Conventions and article 146 of Fourth Geneva Convention. Lack of international accountability will only lead to lasting war crimes with greater impunity.  

 Besides of the earth robbery, the Zionist entity has been committing a quiet Holocaust against the Palestinian citizens since 60 years. The ethnic cleaning, the expropriation and the annexation of Palestinian lands of East Jerusalem, the illegal construction Apartheid Wall, the construction of illegal settlements and demolition of Palestinian houses, continue being a thorn in the heart of harmony. Maintaining the silence is complicity of the Palestinian Holocaust.

 Therefore, Premier Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres, Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak with its cabinet, and military Generals responsible for massacres in Palestine, must be judged like War Criminals in International Courts similar to the of Nuremberg,  among others, based on three positions: 1) Crimes against the Humanity: by genocide, ethnic cleaning, kidnapped and deportation; 2) War Crimes: by continuous violations of the war laws; 3) Crimes against the peace: by waging wars of occupation and aggression, violating international agreements and treaties. In the same way, is due to process of War Crimes to President Bush with its cabinet by the genocide against Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuban people and its complicity with Israel by its crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese people.

 Amid a policy of expansion and pretexts to disqualify the Palestinian resistance, Israel does not assume his responsibility as Occupant Power. Creating its own inevitable destruction and Insisting with the absurd one that it can only exist if it denies their basic Palestinian national rights and human rights.

 (*) Former Ambassador Palestine State en Argentine

 © Copyright, Suhail Hani Daher Akel. Publication or distribution of this material is allowed provided its content is not altered and the source and its author are cited.