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Daily Clarín
Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic,
Friday 15 of November of 2002,

The State of Palestine Independence Declaration (view)

In 1987, the Palestinian People launched the Intifada against the occupation and the israeli prepotency. This national action was led for the President Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organization-PLO, and permited the world to take concience of the Palestinian People struggle for the liberation and gave a place to the Palestine National Council (Parliament in the exile), in the Jerusalem and the Martyrs session, from Algeria, at zero hour and one minute, on November 15th, 1988, to proclaim the State of Palestine Independence Declaration with East Jerusalem as its Capital.

United Nations recognized the proclamation on November 15th, 1988, in its resolution 43/177.

Thousand of countries added to the announcement´s recognizing and the legitimate Palestine´s Independence right and to the State of Palestine´s restitution, over the UN resolution´s basis and the legitimacy that Palestine had, before its partition by the UN in 1947 and the State of Israel creation in 1948, in the article 22 of the Nations´ Society in 1919 and the Laussane Treaty in 1923, that recognized to Palestine between the recognized Arab Nations and its independence right.

In spite of the Palestine´s tolerance offering and living together, Israel refused it, and kept its Iron Fist policy against the civil population and the Palestinian Leadership.

With renovated Peace charms to our sons and their sons, the President Arafat strechted out his firm hand to the Premier Rabin to achieve the Peace of the Braves in the Oslo Agreements on September 13th, 1993, in Washington. But with the murder of our Peace partner, Yitzhak Rabin, on November 4th, 1995, by an israeli terrorist, not any israeli leader had the bravery to achieve the peace and the dignity for the Palestinian People and for the Israeli People.

Involved in the inside catastrophe, not any israeli government could finish its mandate and were obligated to call elections in advance. The own extinct Rabin´s wife, Leha Rabin, said to Ehud Barak (former Israeli First Minister) in June, 2000: “You are not worthy of the Peace of the Braves, you have a partner and is Arafat”. The israeli progressive sectors made it own and opposed to the occupation and repression policy.

From the own failure, arose the Sharon´s far right that united with Shaul Mofaz, far away from peace, proposed the “final solution” and designed the destruction of the State of Palestine´s infraestructure and the attempt to join definitly the Palestinian territories and its capital, East Jerusalem.

In spite of the Palestinian Holocaust imposed for Israel and the Israeli Leadership negation to the State of Palestine´s Proclamation, the Palestinian People keeps its tenacity and it´s consolidated in the Jerusalem Intifada and keeps up in their hands the olive branch for the peace.

Suhail Hani Daher Akel, Ambassador of Palestine in Argentina

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