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A life devoted to Peace among People and,
dignity and freedom for his Palestine people

Jerusalem, my Home
Jerusalem The Holy one
Al Quds

Founded by Jebuseos, a Canaanite-Semitic tribe from the Palestinian genealogy 3500 b.C., Jerusalem has been besieged over 50 times; conquered 36 times; destroyed 10 times by the duty colonialists who invaded Palestine; and cited 1020 times in The Bible. An administrative city and a historic capital city of the pre-biblical Palestine which is under the Israeli occupation up to now.

In 1850 b.C., its King was the Canaanite-Palestinian Malek Sadec (Melquisedec), King of Jerusalem, Sovereign Pontiff of God and the one who received prophet Abraham in the Promised Land.

In Jerusalem, the Palestinian Jesus Christ foretold, died and revived. In 330 a.C., Constantine converted Jerusalem into a Christian city and he sent his mother Helena to build its first churches, the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus in Jerusalem among others.

With the Islam advent, the Islam era was stamped in Palestine and its capital city Jerusalem in 638. Between 705 and 715, it was carried out the construction of the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Omar Mosque or Dome of the Rock, where you can find the place from where prophet Muhammad raised to heaven. From the tradition point of view, this historical references marked Jerusalem as a Holy city, origin of the three monotheist religions: Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion.

Jerusalem, mistreated, damaged, occupied and capital city of prophets. This is my city, my home, my birthplace from where I was pulled off when I was just a child, carrying the Via Crucis of exile, grief and suffering that even today it is still carried by the sons of Jerusalem – Al Quds. This is the history of my people, this is my history.

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Suhail Hani Daher Akel

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My Birth Certificate in Jerusalem, Palestine

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Boat of exile

Key of my house in Jerusalem in 1948, when I was converted into a refugee

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