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Newspaper La Capital
Rosario, Santa Fe , Thursday, July 9th of 198

Letter to Alfonsin

Recognition of the PLO is requested

The Argentine Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People, requested President Dr, Raul Alfonsin, on the 23rd anniversary of the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the recognition of the Organization and the opening of a diplomatic office in our country, “so that this martyred people will have, as all the rest, their official representation”.

It remind us that the PLO is a member of the Arab League of States, the Non Aligned Movement (of which it is Vice-president), the United Nations, the Islamic Summit and the African Union Organization.


Argentine Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People,
Suhail Akel,
Peace and Justice Service in Latin America,
Ecumenic Human Rights Movement,
Justicialist Party,
Communist Party,
Movement to Socialism,
Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo,
Human Rights Front,
Intransigent Party,
Justicialist Councilmen Block of our city,
Argentine Youth League for the Rights of Man,
Radical Youth,
Peronist Councilmen Block for Victory,
Peronist Renovation Youth,
Democratic Chile Youth Group,
Authentic Socialist Party,
Christian Democratic Youth,
“October 17th” Group,
Mothers of Plaza de Mayo,
Secondary Students Union,
Work and People Party,
Revolutionary Peronism,
Communist Revolutionary Party,
Peronist University Youth,
Families of the Disappeared and Detained for Political and Sindical Reasons,
Popular Socialist Party,
Intransigent Councilmen block of the Municipal Council,
Workers Party,
Democratic Christian Party,
Socialist Youth of the MAS
Students’ centers of Dentistry, Humanities, Law and Political Science of Rosario National University.