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Newspaper La Nación
Buenos Aires, September 26, 2003

The life preserver of the Palestinian cause (view)

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel *
to The Nation

In the scenery of the superb it is to stumble with opportunist intellectuals, whose steel feather distills discrimination and anti-Semitism against the Semite Palestinian people.

They design the justify of Sharon, to whom the same intellectuals and progressionists blame for their unbearable policy. They sub-estimate with fables and they try to indicate with the feather of the occupation the road that the Palestinian people must take. They accuse to the friends of Palestine of acting like life preservers and omit the Israeli steel dived in the assassinated Palestinian hearts, pulled out of their homes and converted in refugees since 55 years of the creation of the Estate of Israel above the millenary Palestine.

With feather absorb with another one blood, they carry out over the despair of an occupied people and starving of freedom, they reproach their past and they indicate their future, activity base on the imposition of the occupant and not in the occupied necessity.

In the cruelty festival, they wield arguments to ensure that we are in front to an Israeli State created of nothing, emerged in a deserted -Palestine- land, whose natives, a few ignorant Bedouins, ignoring how to govern. They vaunt of the cleverness of the settler that convert the desert in a flower garden, but they place the intellectual and natural Palestinian wealth obliquely, that one mentioned for the English writer Lawrence Oliphant (1887) in Haifa, or the life in the modern Palestine.

The intellectual blindness is an excuse to ignore the reality that the lucid minds of Israel admit

They omit the real history. The negligence seems reasonable when it is converted in the mother of the tergiversation. The height of the neglect, prescind of the Atlas where, until 1948, appears Palestine, with its capital city, Jerusalem. Its population reached 1.600.000 individuals, descendant of Semites-Canaaneans-Philistinies with ten thousands years of history. They wrote the tradition, from Jericho to Jerusalem, from Haifa to Beersheba and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Death Sea, and they offered the land to the Prophets.

The intellectual blindness is an excuse to move away of the reality of the past and the future. To accuse without basis to the Palestinian of have scraped the opportunity of erect their own State in 1947 is to deny that they lived in their own country, where they born, y that they were expulsed to the sea. They suffered the British Occupation, the Zionist terrorism and the creation of other State. They found them self, in the middle of the XX century, in front of a world concerned for clean its conscience. To that world did not care to extinguish the Jewish holocaust by lighting the Palestinian holocaust.

The terrorism has been a successful myth of the lamentable official speech Israeli to lessen the value of Palestinian liberation cause. Remember to the Zionist accused of terrorist by the British. They faces appeared in posters adhered in Jerusalem, in the ’40 decade, with the label of wanted , after that Irgum made The Irak Petroleum Company in Haifa fly away. The former prime Yitzhak Shamir, in the 51st anniversary of his terrorist group Stern (September 1991) he supported the “terrorism of the extremist Jews to create the State”. He admitted so that the lash of the terrorism was initiated with the Zionist excess against the Palestinian population, subjected to the terror to apart it from their native land.

The album of the laziness that is inspired by the steel heart of those that praise to the Samson, the Herodes and the Sharon humiliate without mercy to the Palestinian people and to the elected President Yasser Arafat, to whom they impair the reputation, without seeing that to the Palestinian people Arafat is equivalent to the great liberators that raised their swords ageist the colonization as Arafat raised his sword against the Israeli colonization. Far away from the Hebrew sword that passed through the large knife to Palestinians in Jericho, in 1020 b.j, (biblical chapter of Joshua) and the actual herodian (Herodes) sword of Sharon, that from Arafat is a worthy one.

It is being recognized an State grounded in the Palestinian lands (1948) by an ONU Resolution, without consulting to the Palestinians, that seems to be like stones at the time to resolve the future of their country and people.

After two years of failed encounters, including the failure in the Summit of Madrid in 1991, Oslo was, in 1993, the hope, a dreamed illusion by Palestinian and Israeli people, with the squeeze of hands of Arafat and Rabin. But that illusion was hindered later by Netanyahu and Sharon. They stimulated the assassination of Rabin, our associate in the peace, and with his dead also assist the Oslo Agreement. The Rabin successors hurried the failure of the international diplomacy. The seller of offers Ehud Barak tried to change the Palestinian sovereignty for the Apartheid, by a Bantustan ( Camp David, in June 2002). The extinct Lea Rabin insulted to Barak: “You are not in the level of the peace of the braves. You have an associate, and is Arfafat”.

As consequence, the tempest came back and it brought the hawks engaged with the war. The sweet flavor of the life became in aroma of death. The Blood River was widened. The agreement, the ONU and the American initiatives were left far away. With Sharon and the reoccupation of Palestine, everything exploded and the word Intifada pierced our kettledrums. The 55 years old Palestine Catastrophe and the 36 years of Israeli occupation returned like ghosts.

The sound of the stones intervened to the Israeli nuclear potency. The infrastructure of Palestine, recently built-up, became powder, as our martyrs, sowed every day by the Israelis forces.

The chalice of blood of the fanaticism was split on the Palestinian and Israeli people. And the terrorism of Sharon destroyed the only chance of peace. He raised the Wall of Apartheid to pulled out 58% of the territory and to turn the State of Palestine in a great Prison and in a Bantustan without sovereignty and servile to Israel. He introduced the ethnic cleanliness. He supported crucified to Jerusalem, increased the settlements post, all in the name of Israel security, meanwhile he accommodated above the umbrella of the September 11th 2001, his defense to the terrorism and lessen the value of the conflict, that is the immoral occupation that Palestine an Jerusalem are suffering since 36 years.

After the death of Rabin, the dream of peace was broken and the hawks of the war returned

In spite of the United State veto, the ONU, with 133 votes (included the Argentinean vote) and only four in opposition, required to Israel not to deport to the President Arafat, and to take care of his life, and to put and end to the occupation of Palestine and East Jerusalem and to go on with the Route Map. The steel feather of false illusion sellers was broken.

In a big distance of these ones, the worthy feathers of the Israelis intellectual progressionist, engaged with the peace of the braves, fortified the Jewish ethics and the Palestinian-Israeli encounter.

In the encounter sphere

The former Israeli minister of Education Shulamit Aloni compares the Cabinet of Sharon with the nazi regime, on 12th of this month. The Israeli writer Ury Avneri an others Israelis went to the Mukataa (the presidency of Palestine) en Ramallah, on 13th of this month, like human shields of the Nobel Price of the Peace Arafat. The former deputy Yael Dayan asked Sharon to present his quit, and blamed to Sharon of all kind of crimes and robbery of organs of assassinated Palestinians. Jeff Halper, of the Israeli Group Icahad, condemned Sharon as war criminal. The rabbis of the Nuturei Carta picked up posters in the New York streets: The Palestinian blood is not water. In similar direction, the concerti’s Argentinean- Israeli Daniel Barenboim- in spite of the Israeli pressure- put sound to the freedom and his musical staff joined the Palestinian and Israelis children in the pure air of the living together of two States, without those walls of apartheid that someone’s find wonderful.

* Ambassador of Palestine in the Argentina


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