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Newspaper El Sol de Rosario
Rosario, Santa Fe, Friday, May 31st of 1985

Acknowledgment of the PLO is required in our country. (view)

The Argentine Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People released a document containing the signature of its local representative Suhail Akel, in which he requested the Argentine acknowledgment of the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and the establishment of the Palestinian office in our country.

Also, the committee invalidated the accusations which indicated that the organization is a “terrorist group” and it ratified that the organization is the “only representative of the Palestinian People”.

The arguments used by the Solidarity Committee are based on a series of nominations and acknowledgments by different organisms as UN, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Islamic Summit, the Afro-Asian Summit, the African Summit, the League of Arab States and others.

On the charges of “terrorism”, the Pro-Palestinian organism made reference to the Vatican acceptance of the PLO and it explained that the Holy Father is in contact with the leader of the Organization Yasser Arafat.

The Palestinians are “martyred people – said the Committee – who have been suffering a 37-year dispersion because of imperialist caprices” and who “have defended their territorial rights at all times”.

After affirming that the PLO is not a, organization “conceived to exterminate Jews” and explaining that on the 6º article of the Organic Charter “the Palestinian Jews are contemplated as any other citizens”, it criticizes the Israeli attitude with regard to bilateral relationships.

“Meanwhile we are in this quest for peace – it affirmed -, leaving to one side the fundamental principles as the recognition of Israel, the Israeli Chancellor Yitzhak Shamir expressed on 25/02/85 that “with the Premier Shimon Peres we have agreed no to negotiate with the PLO”.

Finally, it insisted that Argentina reviews the circumstances for the establishment of an office in our country and that it considers “if the PLO is or is not terrorist”