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Newspaper Clarín
Buenos Aires, Saturday, 23 April 2005

Israel was condemned by the ONU (view)

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel,
Ambassador of Palestine in Argentina

On 14 April Israel was condemned by the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations and, apparently, it worried very little. With overwhelming votes Israel was called again occupant power and it was condemned for violations to the humans rights of the Palestinian people, for the construction of the Apartheid wall, the treatment to the prisoners and the illegal settlements. It was very flashy the position of President Bush, who supposedly harassed Sharon for the settlements at the same time that he voted against the condemnation.

The respective resolutions urged the member states of the Fourth Geneva Convention to express the inadmissibility of the continuous violations of Israel.

The treatment to the Palestinian prisoners, which was also punished, is another subject.

At the moment, the detainees in the Israeli prisons overcome the 8,000; among them, 380 children and 118 women who suffer the worst treatments and tortures. If we wish to give a legal form to this prisoners, they are only civilians kidnapped by a foreign power, who are taken to prisons and before a foreign court of justice and judged with another people’s law, violating all the international laws of extradition. At Sharm el Sheikh, on 8 February, Israel committed itself to release 900 Palestinians. It released only 500 and captured other 600.

While all the power of the media was centered in Cuba, Israel, strongly condemned, rested under a comfortable umbrella. Meantime, it maintained the impunity and on the daily ground it acted worse. The expropriation and the annexation of Palestinian lands of East Jerusalem, the illegal construction of 3,500 houses for illegal settlers, the demolition of Palestinian houses, the 28 Palestinians that were killed since the ceasing of fire, added to the nearly 4 thousand of this last four years, continue being a thorn in the heart of harmony.

To all appearances, Sharon does not want a peace partner. Amid a policy of expansion and creating pretexts to disqualify President Mahmoud Abbas, he does not assume his responsibility as occupant power and continues abusive. Sharon considered the opinion of the Court as "part of the garbage can of the history"; he minimized to these votes of condemnation as if they were colored papers. Meanwhile, the international reaction is still hoped.

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