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A life devoted to Peace among People and,
dignity and freedom for his Palestine people

Pain of the Palestinian Mother Earth

Earth, life, hope, peace... they are synonymous of Mother.

A Mother dreams for her son, with life, hope and peace.

The Palestinian earth loved its Mother, and it offered her its roots for the birth of the Prince of Peace... the Palestinian Jesus Christ.

In the earth of peace... life and hope are at the mercy of the Herodes.

those who stained it through the time

And the Mother's dream is unconcluded...

And of its bowels they pulled up to its son, they subdued it and they oppressed their children and the children of their children...

Their hope remained in shadows, and peace... and peace was once again crucified.

Maria´s strength, Mother, is the strength of the Mothers,

And from the strength of the earth and the pain of childbirth of the Palestinian Mother, love and the peace will be born...

Palestine will be born again.

* Homage to my Palestinian Mother died in the exile. To the Mother of my children born in the exile. To the Mothers of the Palestinian Martyrs. To the Argentinean Mothers and of the World who suffer from overpowering.

Suhail Hani Daher Akel / 2003

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