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Newspaper Sur
Buenos Aires , Monday, 5th of 1990

Opening a Palestinian Embassy is requested (view)

Suhail Akel, Director of the Palestine Information Office in Argentina, returned from Tunisia, where he met with the Palestine Leadership.

The mentioned directive participated in a work breakfast with the Palestine President, Yasser Arafat, who –on that occasion- thanked the Argentine People’ support to the Intifada and he expressed his hope that “the government headed by President Carlos Menem may ratify its acknowledgment of the Palestine State”, allowing the installation of its Embassy in Argentina.

Akel said that “President Menem –after meeting with our President Arafat- acknowledged the rights of the Palestine State in the last Non Aligned meeting and he approved all the resolutions of the Non Aligned Movement on the Palestine issue. That is why we expect that the government may give us the opportunity of having our diplomatic delegation just as Israel has”.

Later on, Akel once again reiterated to “Sur” that considering the fact that President Menem is striving for peace in Middle East, it is very important that both sides may be accepted and recognized. Therefore, if an Israeli representation exists, much more time cannot go by without Palestinians going on an even stand in this Nation which is so much in solidarity with our cause.

In Tunisia, Akel spoke also with the Palestinian Chancellor, Farouk Kaddoumi, and with Abu Iyad, a member of the Al Fatah Central Council, among others.