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Newspaper La Capital
Mar del Plata – Wednesday, September 29, 2004

He said that “Ariel Sharon has destroyed and pulverized the peace process”

The Palestine Ambassador has criticized
the Israeli policy in Middle East (view)

He blamed the Jewish leader for the daily deaths in Palestine and Israel. He showed his disagreement about the press’ data handling with regard to the situation in his country.

During his visit to our city, the Palestine Ambassador, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, regretted the Israeli policy, emphasizing that the President of that country, Ariel Sharon, did not move away. On the contrary, he has “destroyed and pulverized the peace process”. He stated that “Israeli people” are Palestine’ s main peace partner and they must definitely put an end to the crime dictatorship established by Mr. Sharon. He is responsible for the daily crimes against the Palestinian and Israeli people”.

Ambassador Akel recognized that Argentines who are descended from Arabs “have gone through difficult times since they have experienced nearly-discriminatory situations due to injustice accusations which have arrived from other continents”. He also maintained that not only an Argentine who is descended from Arabs, but also all Argentines “feel sorry for what has happened in Iraq and for what is happening there. Iraq is a victim of terrorism and foreign occupation”. He emphasizes that the Argentine people have daily expressed their solidarity and wishes for peace towards the Palestinian people as a result of the suffering they daily experience”.

He “highly” regrets that the media “ignore our tragedy and that the killing of a Palestinian becomes a daily event in people’s every day life. At the same time, indifference. Few means of communication have spread the events which took place yesterday –referring to Monday. Eight Palestinians have been killed and there has been no massive information on these daily crimes which the Israeli occupation army carries out against the Palestinian civil population”

Crimes against humanity

He states that crimes are also suffered by “our land” due to the construction of the “Apartheid wall in our Homeland. The truth is that it is a crime against humanity, just as it has been established by the International Court of Justice which has regarded Israel as the occupant power and has urged it to put an end to this wall which does not really respect people’s rights”. Akel showed himself annoyed because “Sharon said that it would be part of the garbage of history”, before this international justice determination; that is why he asks for the punishment of Sharon.

The fact of the matter is that the Israeli government is not willing to respect Court’s decision, “the world must give an explanation, Slovodan Milosevic is being judged for crimes against humanity and Sharon is not being judged. What is the difference? On September 18, Palestinian commemorated the twentieth-second anniversary of Sabra and Chatila massacre which took place in the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. “Sharon himself headed his forces to kill 5 thousand children, woman and old people since men had left to other Arab countries”.

A claim for sentences

The Palestinian Ambassador stated that for four years –precisely yesterday- “he has been claiming for them because it re-occupied Palestine on that date. During this period of time, there have been 3200 martyrs and over 36 thousand injured people. 44 thousand houses, ministries, mosques, hospitals, churches, schools and nursery schools have been destroyed. Over a million olive and fruit trees have been pull up”.

The diplomat remembers that the United Nations has daily condemned Israel for “carrying out these attitudes. That is why it has turn into an illegal country, which is outside of the international law because it has not fulfilled absolutely anything”.

“That is why it is necessary to take a decision to put an end to these attacks. While this decision only takes place by means of papers and great court rooms, it does not matter; we do claim for an exemplary punishment”, the Ambassador explained. With regard to the punishment, he added that he “is not claiming for a coalition which destroys Tel Aviv in the same way that Baghdad has been destroyed. We have no desire to witness more deaths, we desire that the same thing does not happen to Afghanistan and we have no desire for a famine blocking just as the one imposed on the Cuban people. However, there must be firm and conclusive measures in order to put an end to the 37-year occupation which has been suffered by the Palestinian people and in order for both people to live in peace and tranquility without people like Sharon”.

Photo: The Mayor Daniel Katz welcomed Palestine Ambassador Daher Akel and they interchanged opinions.

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