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Newspaper La Nación
Buenos Aires, february 26 of 2004, Pag. 3

A Racist division that deepens hatred (view)

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel *
to La Nation

To appeal to the security of a country...is to build a Wall? The policy of Sharon was to take advantage of the invasion of Iraq and its destruction, to instrument the ethnic cleaning, to give power to the settlements and to accelerate the construction of the Apartheid Wall, invoking to the official myth of fighting against the terrorism for Israel’s security. The mother of the terrorism and the insecurity to both, is the violence of the occupation to Palestine and its capital East Jerusalem, for 37 years.

Sharon, a man of war, situated to his Israeli people and to the occupied Palestinian people in the core of the tragedy and he bathes them with blood. All his misleading plans, only aim to deviate and deepen the conflict, to destroy to the democratic president Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian unity and to the disintegration of the Palestinian homeland into cantons and ghettos to the service of Israel.

The Pope, Europe, the world and Israeli sectors expressed their disagreement with the Wall and they consider it as illegal and immoral. The UN with 144 votes -including the Argentine one- in its resolution ES-10/13, condemned to Israel and demanded to freeze the construction. Anything of this mobilized to Sharon. He paid remiss attention and appealed to the security. Omitting that Israel, Occupant Power, must look after the security of the occupied people according to the Geneva Conventions.

The resolution ES-10/14 of December 8th, transferred the question of the Wall to the International Court of Justice-ICJ in The Hague, opened in February 23 (“Day of the rage and the protest”, to the PLO) without the American parcipation and part of the Europeans, alleging that the ICJ won´t resolve the conflict and that the involvement of the Court only puts in risk the peace process. But what process of peace?. If Israel violated all the agreements and treaties that signed with Palestine since 1993 to the Road Map in 2003.

We do not imagine to the Israeli people -in whose conscience lies the European ghettos- wishing to live walled. If it was like this way this, the wall should pass through the borders and not inside of Palestine caging to entire cities. The escape of Israel of the ICJ, registers the avidity of not solving the conflict. The result of the Apartheid Wall, beside separating to the Palestinians families of the Palestinian society andto expel them of their land, is that Israel will annex the 58% of the Palestinian, including East Jerusalem.

Thousands of pictures of Palestinians murdered by the Israeli terrorism since 1948, could be shown, as Sharon intends to show, to justify his Racist Wall. It Is not the way. If Israel wants the solution, it must put an end to the occupation, restore the State of Palestine and work together for both security, without walls that deepens the hatred.

* The author is the Palestinian Diplomatic Representative in Argentine

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