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Newspaper La Nacion
Buenos Aires – Argentina , Thursday, January 11 of 1996

PLO, with official rank in Argentina (view)

“Peace will be signed when Israel gives back all occupied territories, including Jerusalem, which around 3000 years continues being in Arab territory”, said Suhail Daher Akel, representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in our country. The PLO diplomatic status was recently recognized by the Argentine Government.

Nevertheless, the Foreign Affairs Ministry explained that the interchange of chiefs of missions with rank of Ambassadors has not been agreed yet.

Akel, who was already in charge of the PLO representation, which has been in Argentina since 1990, offered a press conference yesterday. During the conference, he said that this new situation will benefit the interests of both countries in the economic, social and cultural areas.

With regard to the first thing, Akel emphasized that Palestine is “in a reconstruction process. Everything is going to be done: housing, routes, hospitals, water will become drinkable, et cetera. That is why we have created the Argentine-Palestine Chamber of Commerce which will deepen the relations among businessmen”.

With regard to Yasser Arafat’ s visit, a source from the Foreign Affairs Office said that it is outstanding, but there is not a fixed date yet. “Up to now, Arafat’ s visit is not on the agenda of the Foreign Affairs Ministry”, specified an official spokesman.