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Palestinian Road Map

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel

In the precisions to establish an intellectual honesty of the conflict, it can´t not recognize that the Palestinian people is victim of the occupation and the pressures in which they are trying to manage their national rights.

In spite of the occupation, the grave violation to the human rights, the military siege on the president Yasser Arafat and the clouds which eclipsed the peace during these last years, the Palestinian people gives a new step to achieve the ways of peace with Israel.

With the absence of two Palestinian deputies illegally imprisoned in Israel, Marwan Barghouti and Hassan Khader, another nine deputies, from Gaza, who received precarious permissions of the occupant power to arrive on Ramallah with limited guarantees and add themselves with the rest of the Palestinian Legislative´s members in the recognizing of the new Cabinet of the designed PLO General Secretary Abu Mazen, as Prime Minister invested for the president Arafat.

Bulwark of the Oslo Agreements and architect of the Palestinian-israeli approach in the hard times, Abu Mazen, found a strength support inside the new Palestinian government which Israel, must be the direct responsible of the success or failure of that one.

The firmness of both leaders rejuvenating the diplomatic ground to make easy to the Quartet (UN, USA, Europe and Russia) the design of the “road map” which would establish the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, will be a failure if they don´t put end to the occupation and call to Israel to withdraw on the lines of September 28th, 2000, date in which began the reoccupation of the Palestinian cities. And the taste of failure will deteriorate again the Palestinian principles if Israel keeps its obstinate position, its presence and its inference on a people, in Jerusalem and in foreign territory.

Although United States is the essential artisan of the Quartet, is still leaving suspicions for its highlighted position in favor of one of the parts of the conflict, with its lonely vote on the past April 15th, against the resolutions of the United Nations Human Rights´ Commission, which condemned to Israel. And to approve, in the American Congress a loan by 9 billion dollars added to 1 billion in aid, both of them added to the yearly aid by 3 billion dollars, which Israel, in the name of its security, uses to activate its nuclear power that daily discharges on the Palestinian civil population.

A Romance which cost to United States from 1973, 1,6 trillion dollars, in which the economic advisor, Thomas Stauffer, in accordance to his calculation presented in 2002, the economic losses of every American citizen are about 5,700 dollars.

Between the passages of the semantic are reflected clearly the lei motiv of the israeli leaderships which try to equalize the price of peace with “painful concessions”, turning itself into affront against the freedom of the Palestinian people and against the history, which wrote that the State of Israel was created in the Palestinian territory in 1948 and occupied the rest in 1967, including East Jerusalem.

Without to pose in “painful concessions” the Palestinian people accepted the restitution of their State, only in a 22 per cent, which not even is the 45 per cent determinated for the United Nations in 1947. And in a renewed peace concession, the President Arafat and the Premier Mazzen, from April 29th marked a new “Palestinian road map”, in which we hope the israeli leadership could understand it and to reflect on its military capacity, like a light which permits to put end to the joint bloodbath and the long occupation.

A bad exegesis from Israel turning this new agreement in another one of the so many violated ; into ink over the paper of the resolutions 242, 338 and 1397; to negate the Jerusalem rights and the refugees and, its withdraw from all the occupied territories in 1967, the frustration will be long and painful.

The Iraq’s experience in these days which filled with pain and death to the arab world during the weeks from March 20th to April 9th, it musn´t be a routine lesson in the region, but the duty to achieve the dignity of the peoples in the region in the framework of the living together and the respect to each people, its culture and its independence. The People and the Palestinian leadership put in the life ground their lesson, Israel must share it.

April 30th, 2003

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