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A life devoted to Peace among People and,
dignity and freedom for his Palestine people

Newspaper La Nacion (The Nation)
Buenos Aires. Wednesday, March 6 of 2002

Sharon, Mr. War (view)

By Suhail Hani Daher Akel *

When Sharon got into power, we anticipated our wishes of reaching peace with any Israeli leader, but we observed that he has responsibility for peace or war. Sharon proved that he is not a man of peace, but Mr. War.

Sharon defused all dialogue bonds and activated an ethnic cleansing program of the Palestinian people, infringing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On a war footing, he tried to humiliate the Palestinian government and the democratic President Yasser Arafat, creating him a military fence of occupation at the presidency in Ramallah. A psychological fence imposed to break the Palestinian internal front, destroy the State structure, avoid the establishment of the Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as capital. At this rate, They would try to subject Palestine to Sharon’s demands.

Nor is it acceptable the Israeli verbosity in proving that they are the victim of the “Palestinian terrorism”, justifying its military action for its “security”, diverting the real sense of the conflict – which is the Palestine occupation, the disqualification of the Palestinian people with regard to the legitimate defense and the negation of the Palestine’s national rights with regard to its land which was naturally and judicially inherited by the international laws.

A deafening silence

With more deaths, grief and frustration imposed by planes F-16, tanks Abrams M1 and the Israeli military power, it is surprising the lack of reaction of the United States as the guarantor country of the agreements. And in its “war against terrorism”, its silence with regard to the State terrorism of Israel and the terrorism of illegal settlers which cause violence. When violence is caused, the United States urge President Arafat to stop violence.

This carnal Israeli-American relation would seem to eclipse the rest of the world which is not able to pass from word to action in order to put an end to the Israeli occupation and to the massacre of the Palestinian people. A massacre which, with no doubt, is shared by the Israeli people who are victims of their own leadership. The silence become a deafening one before the holocaust of the Palestinian people.

Without accepting any act of terrorism, many situations which call to reflection and which are treated in a similar way are emphasized in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In their desperation, the Palestinian immolators, degraded and humiliated in their person as a consequence of the long and violent Israeli occupation, take personal decisions of sacrificing themselves with the painful bloody consequence. On one hand, there are already 1000 Israeli soldiers of the occupation, who degraded and forced to kill people for their majors, do not want to serve at the Palestinian territories, citing the hypocrisy of the “security” myth in their declaration and expressing: “...It has nothing to do with security and Israeli’s only objective is controlling the Palestinian people forever”.

President Arafat remembers: “Do not forget we have survived to the Roman Empire”. On that base, although Nero fired Rome, today, in spite of Nero, Rome is flourishing. If Sharon tries to fire Palestine, in spite of Sharon, Palestine will flourish. We should avoid more pain and, for his own impossibility of achieving peace and stopping violence, Sharon will have to resign; he will have to turn up at the Belgian tribunals where he is accused of war crimes and he will have to give place to the Israeli people committed to the Peace of the Braves, who grant, over death, a blooming of Palestine and Israel in dignity.

* The author is the Ambassador of the Palestinian Mission in Argentina


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