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Newspaper Pagina/12
Buenos Aires – Saturday, March 30 of 2002

Palestinian ambassador SUHAIL AKEL

We are not going to be submitted (view)

Sharon wants to kill Yasser Arafat, this is his answer to the Arab States’ historic determination of recognizing the State of Israel when it recognizes the Palestine State, with Jerusalem as its capital city”.

-Do you have any evidence that Sharon wants to kill Arafat?

-There is some clear evidence: they have demolished our presidency, the Israeli forces have gone inside the presidency, they have pillaged its offices. They stay at the red line, a few meters from our president, waiting for the order to kill him.

-Has Israel started the territory re-occupation?

-Yes, this is a military occupation. There is no doubt that this is the answer to the Arab League’s historic determination of recognizing the State of Israel when Israel recognizes the Palestine State, with East Jerusalem as its capital city. Israel replied with the sending of 30,000 soldiers to re-occupy the Palestinian territories. He sent 500 tanks to reinforce the military fence against President Yasser Arafat; they went inside the offices in the presidency, they destroyed them and, at the same time, they pillaged them.

-Taking into account the superiority of the Israeli army, what are you means of defence?

-As means of defence, we have our anarchistic stone and our will to be free and sovereign in our land. Israel should have understood it long before and it should have put an end to the occupation. We are not going to allow our people to give in before the Israeli determinations of submitting us and we are not going to draw the future Palestine State with the occupation pen. In different opportunities, we warned about the fact that Sharon was carrying out an ethnic cleansing policy of the Palestinian people. This policy is based on the determinations of the Israeli Armed Forces chief, general Shaul Mofaz, and it called for a final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The determinations were released after June 2000.

-What are you waiting for from the United States?

-It is the responsible for the agreements, so it must put an end to its close relationship with Israel and it must force Sharon to put an end to the occupation. Then we will be able to establish the independent Palestine State.

-Will there be more suicidal attacks?

-I do not know. Now we are worried about the Israeli occupation. Besides, Israel –as the occupant power- is responsible for what is going on inside the Palestinian territory.

-What do you foresee as an immediate future?

-We are waiting for the determination of the Security Council. We expect to obtain conclusive determinations with regard to the territory, since we do not want them to become ink on a paper as a result of the occupant power; just as UN resolution 1397, on March 12 this year.

-Do you expect to achieve a greater military support from Iraq and Iran?

-We do not possess military support from any of them. We have anarchistic stones. We have no army or military power, we have no tanks or planes, we are not warlike people. We are facing F-16 of the Israeli occupation, Apache helicopters, tanks, toxic gases and poor uranium. These are civil people who have taken stones to survive, before a nuclear power which is besieging our land


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