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Newspaper La Voz del Sur
Los Surgentes, Cordoba - Wednesday, November 9, 2005


The Palestine Ambassador has visited Los Surgentes (view)

With a calm look, calm eyes, disheartened for the remoteness of his beloved Jerusalem and a peace project in his hands, the Palestine Ambassador visited our city and captivated the whole city with his simplicity and the generosity of an eminent person.

On the occasion of the 94º Foundation Anniversary of Los Surgentes, it is the first time that the city has welcomed a Diplomat. It was named Guest of Honor during the Act which took place during the morning. The Act included the presence of Authorities such as Mr. Minister of Solidarity Dr. Daniel Passerini and Mr. Legislator Juan Carlos Massei, together with the presence of Villa Maria Bishop, Monsignor Roberto Rodriguez.

An “Olive Tree for Peace” was planted during the Act. This project is being developed between the Palestine Embassy and the Federacion Argentina de Municipios (Argentine Municipalities Federation). This is the plantation number 30 of a series of Olive Trees located throughout Argentina.

The city Mayor German Buttarelli – together with the Authorities who were present – placed a beautiful marble plaque which immortalizes the moment and which will be the custody of the over-1-metre-tall tree that was planted over the central square flowerbed of Sauberan Avenue. There, students, teachers, neighbors and local authorities placed – one by one – their symbolic soil shovelful as they cried: For Peace!!!

Then the Mayor Buttarelli and Mr. Ambassador signed an Intention Act called Fraternity Agreement, which will give rise to the arrangements for the fraternity between Los Surgentes city and Jerico city (Ariha), the latter being the oldest holy city which has been continually inhabited in the World.

As an act of friendship, the Honorable Deliberating Council passed changing the name of the street Capdevielle for the name Ciudad de Belen, Estado de Palestina (Belen City, Palestine State).

In his speech, Mr. Ambassador thanked the population for their welcome and he talked about the situation Palestine is experiencing nowadays, his impossibility of going back to his natal land and the total offense suffered by his people due to the lack of recognition as a state, beyond the land occupation progressively suffered by his People.

For that reason, as a Diplomat, he is in favor of peace through legal means and this Olive Tree located in Los Surgentes symbolizes that permanent wish for peace. An universal wish, nowadays.

As a remembrance of his visit, he was given the Key of the City and, in exchange of this present, he regaled a replica of the Palestine State Emblem.

The Act had the presence of the Lenguas de Señas Argentinas Chorus, the Municipal Band and Theater Group, who made us reflect with every proposal.

After the Act, there was a press conference at the local Secondary Institute, where mediums of radio, television and graph from the entire region were present.

The day finished with a lunch, where authorities from all local institutions were present. They gave the Ambassador presents to be taken to the Embassy Building which celebrates another Anniversary on next November 15.

After sharing almost two days with the Ambassador, he went back to Rosario City where he would take his flight to Buenos Aires.

He left full of emotion, holding gentlemen‘ s hands, giving flowers to the ladies and promising going back soon to all people who welcomed him with so much affection.

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