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Newspaper Clarin
Buenos Aires, Thursday, August 26 of 2004

The Israeli wall is another obstacle for the peace (view)

Another class of anti-Semitism exists, and it is the one that condemns
and makes of the Palestinian people a victim, impeding it to construct its own destiny.

By: Suhail Hani Daher Akel
Ambassador of Palestine in Argentine

The Israeli chimerical official myths habitually justify the occupation, appealing for its security and the struggle against terrorism.

Once murdered Yitzhak Rabin by an Israeli terrorist in 1995, his successors converted the Oslo Agreement in a preamble of agreements and they agitated its failure. With the euphemism under which is hidden the law of the strongest, Sharon pulverized the agreements, from Oslo 1993 to the Road Map 2003.

He demonized to the other and launched his State terrorism. The blood river was broadened by the re-occupation of Palestine. The result of Sharon’s adventure in the Old Jerusalem —from 28/9/2000 to 31/7/2004 — shook the conscience: 3.145 martyrs; 35.346 wounded; 44 thousand houses; ministries, schools, churches and mosques damaged and destroyed, 1 million trees uprooted.

The Palestinian economy lost US $ 3,000 million. From Jenin, to Jerusalem and Rafah, they divided cities and fenced in 2001 to the President and Nobel of the Peace, Yasser Arafat. While the misery knocked the door of every Palestinian family.

It is unacceptable to appeal to the security, locking other people up. Sharon started in 2002 the construction of the Apartheid Wall and with split moral, tried to call it: “fence or barrier”. The UN and the International Court of Justice denounced it: wall and illegal. Defiant, Sharon’s adviser, Raanan Gissin, warned that the decision of the Court “will be part of the history garbage can”. The Court, that issued 25 similar opinions, all complied, sealed its opinion in the UN with 150 votes in favor, in contrast with the 6 votes against.

It called to the occupant power to “stop the construction, demolish the built and indemnify to the Palestinians”, grounding its decision in the Israeli violation to the International Humanitarian Law of 1907 and to the IV Convention of Geneva 1949, between others.

Israel can live fenced. But the fence should be in its side. And not to construct a Wall in foreign territory, that perforates 30 Km the Palestinian interior. (will be 720 km long in 2005).

To annex the 58% of the occupied territory and to isolate Jerusalem, 85% of the underground waters are usurped, more Palestinians are expulsed, the cancer of the settlements is legalized, the cities are divided in 8 ghettos and 64 enclaves inside four cantons and a fifth in Gaza, fractionated in 5 zones.

East Jerusalem, occupied in 1967, was left under the siege of Jewish fundamentalists, attacking Christian and Muslim places. Excesses are verified to keep the city as capital, even in front of the denial of the UN and the Vatican.

As regards terrorism, Israel is not at the margin. In fact, the terrorism was introduced in Palestine in the 40s, by the Zionist groups that destroyed 389 Palestinian villages and cities on the eves of the creation of Israel.

Shamir, in 1991, endorsed “the terror used by them for the creation of the Jewish State”. In June 1965, Moshe Sharett had pointed out: “the State can invent itself dangers, and to do it, it has to adopt the method of provocation followed by revenge”. This is the technique adopted by Sharon: he imposes the mother of the violence that is the occupation, which opens the doors of the extremism and causes revenge with greater terror against the Palestinian people and leadership.

The South African writer Breyten Breytenbach, in 2003, sentenced: “We reject the cultural terrorism that says that every criticism to Israel for its policy toward the Palestinians is anti-Semitism”.

Such affirmation shows two aspects: the anti-Semitism against the Semite Palestinian people and the habit to confuse resistance with terrorism. The peoples used what was necessary to put an end to the colonialists; and there are some that swore to die with glory. Isn’t it a Palestinian right? Over painful concessions, Palestine continues proposing a peace with dignity and considers to the Israeli people as the principal partner in the Peace of the Brave.


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