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Newspaper El Cronista
Buenos Aires – November 16, 1990

Second anniversary of the Palestinian State

Urgent need of an international conference (view)

“It is necessary to solve the Gulf crisis in a peaceful way, as well as, withdraw foreign troops from Arab territory. Likewise, it is necessary to carry out an international peace conference within the framework of the United Nations and with the participation of the five permanent members of the Security Council, Israel and the Palestinian representatives”, Suhail Akel, a director of the Palestine Information Office in Argentina, told El Cronista. On the occasion of the second independence declaration anniversary on November 15, Akel was consulted about the possible influence of the Persian Gulf conflict on the development of the present situation in the territories occupied by Israel. A matter which once again “comes on the scene” after over 21 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli forces in the Mount of the Temple on last October 8.

There is no doubt that both issues are bound together. It is unfortunate that the 1967 Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories aroused little international reaction, taking into account the repudiation stance taken by those same nations in relation to the destiny of Kuwait. An emirate which formed part of Iraq before it became divided by the English colonialism in 1919. Besides, Israel could use the Gulf crisis as a smokescreen in order to develop its expansionist ambitions, which were highlighted in that famous slogan located at its Parliament in the 70s: “Israel, your lands from the Nile to Eupharates”. In short, a possible war in the Persian Gulf could become the occupation of Jordan, Lebanon and, probably, Syria by Israel”, he explained.

General Situation

With regard to the consequences of the separation between Washington and the Hebrew State, Akel gave a categorical statement: “There is no real rupture between these two nations. The United States did not allow the United Nations to energetically condemn the killing at the Al Aksa Mosque. Although the United States expressed its disapproval, it softened the sentence, at least”.

Since the beginning of the Intifada, which will reach 4 years on December 11, our people have decided to fight for their liberation. It does not mean to achieve freedom at the expense of subduing other people’s freedom”, he added.


“In this sense –Akel continued- we have acknowledged the existence of the State of Israel in our independence declaration. Therefore, we have given it all security guarantees in order for it to exist in our Palestinian land; but Israel has in no way accepted our peace proposal”.

On the other hand, Akel emphasized that it was handed over a document which contained 15 parliamentary members’ signatures and asked for the recognition of the Palestinian State and the Palestinian Embassy in Buenos Aires. But until now there has been no answer.


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