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Newspaper El Periodico
San Miguel de Tucuman – Friday, April 27 of 2001

The Palestine Ambassador visited El Periodico

We fight for the achievement of the peace of the braves (view)

The diplomat will give a discourse at the Law School in the University National Tucuman today, at 20:00.

Suhail Hani Daher Akel, Ambassador of the Palestine Mission in Argentina, visited El Periodico during his stay in Tucuman. He was specially invited by the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman (Tucuman National University) to give a discourse at the Social Science and Law School at 20, today. The discourse is going to take place in the frame of the Master’s degree in International Relations.

We fight for the achievement of the peace of the braves. Israel does not want to achieve it since it has tried to carry out the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population since the beginning of Intifada on last September 28”, Akel emphasized. He said that there are no differences between the former Jewish Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the present Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. In order to reaffirm his remarks, the diplomat quoted the recently deceased Lea Rabin (the wife of the killed Israeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin) saying, “Barak is not ready for the peace of the braves”.

Akel said that there have been 560 victims since the beginning of Intifada. 45% of them are under-twelve-year-old children. “We, Palestinians, carry the can for the domestic Israeli mess. The Israeli politic leaders are not able to interpret the peace will of the majority of their population and the independence reclamation of the Palestinian people. Israel, a nuclear power in the world, forces us to pick up stones in order to face its powerful army”.

The Ambassador was received yesterday by Vice-governor Sisto Teran who is in charge of The Executive and the Minister of Government Antonio Guerrero. The Executive committed to re-plant the Olive Tree for Peace. Akel planted it four years ago, but it was later pulled up. The diplomat also visited the Legislature where representatives from all political parties received him

Akel demanded that Israel fulfills UN resolutions and the peace accords which have been already signed. “Israel has infringed the agreements it has signed, as well as, UN resolutions, starting with the resolution of its own creation in 1948. Many times, the international community ignores our demands. In the United Nations, Israel is given a special treatment since it has never been forced to fulfil anything”, he highlighted.

With regard to the Egyptian-Jordan peace proposal in Middle East, Akel showed himself skeptical about the stance of Israel. “I do not believe that Sharon takes it into account”. The diplomat stated that the Palestine National Authority is not going to accept the reduction of its territory, the removal of East Jerusalem as its capital city, the existence of changeable borders and the denial of armed forces.

The use of toxic gases is denounced

The Palestinian Ambassador reproduced a complaint where the New York-based International Action Center makes public the fact that Israel utilizes munitions containing harmful uranium and it directly uses it against the Palestinian population. “Besides that poison, Israel attacks the Palestinian civil population with CS-CR and neurological gas. Their use is totally banned by the international legislation because it not only kills human beings, but also destroys the environment". Akel also stated that Israel did not allow Christian Palestinians to commemorate the Easter in the Holy Places.

Photo: During his visit to El Periodico, the Palestinian Ambassador Suhail Hani Daher Akel expressed his opinion about the conflict in Middle East.


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