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Newspaper El Dia
Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios – Saturday, May 24 of 1997

Palestine wants the peace process to advance in Middle East (view)

In an interview with El Dia, the Palestine National Authority’s ambassador in Argentina, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, said yesterday that his official visit to Gualeguaychu, which will last up today, “will allows us to spread our wishes of peace and to sew friends of peace”.

Akel assured that we, Palestinians, “are deeply working to find a quick solution to the peace process freezing which Israelis have imposed on us” and he considered that “they have no right, from the new government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, to stop and freeze the peace process and the many years of the beginning of dialogue and understanding of both parties”

The diplomat was received by Mayor Daniel Irigoyen, municipal representatives and officials at the Blue Room in the Municipal Town Hall, yesterday in the morning. Members from the Syrian-Lebanese community in our city were also present at the meeting.

In this meeting, Irigoyen gave Akel the Key of the City and a decree by means of which Akel was declared Guest of Honour. Akel gave Irigoyen a souvenir of a Palestinian National Symbol.

In his exclusive declarations to El Dia newspaper, Akel warned that the Israeli attitude “could prejudice a lot and it could bring serious perils to the region”. He maintained that this situation “affects the whole world, since the world needs and wants to reach peace. It observes the development of relations in the Palestinian and Israeli influence area”

During the conversation Akel maintained with the authorities, he spoke of the negotiations Palestine is carrying out to continue with the dialogue in the frame of the peace process, as well as, the interest Yasser Arafat devotes to this issue in the region and with the international community. The Palestinian ambassador talked about the history of the countries dealing with the hot policy in the Middle East, its religion and the core that Jerusalem represents for millions of souls.

Today in the morning, Akel, Town Hall authorities, members from the Syrian-Lebanese Social and Cultural Centre and neighbours will attend the act which will take place at the Urquiza Square. The act consists of planting an olive tree (symbol of peace) and unveiling a reminding plaque.


Photo: The Palestinian Ambassador along with Mayor Irigoyen and Mr. Pablo Selene.


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