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Newspaper: The Republic

Montevideo, Sunday, July 29th  2007, Republic of Uruguay


"Uruguay is one of the countries in Latin America which hasn't got a

Palestine Representation" (view)


 Former Palestine Ambassador in Argentina, Suhail Hani Daher Akel, regretted the fact that "until today we couldn't have the chance of opening a diplomat Palestine representation in Uruguay and, he added "it is an outstanding debt", since our country is one of the little ones in Latin America which hasn't got a diplomat Palestine representation. 

The diplomat, who visited Montevideo to take part of an act of the Arab Community, has said in an interview he maintained with LA REPUBLICA newspaper, that the representation of his country has always maintained "cordial  relations with Uruguay and, in the personal aspect, I have always had promises from the government, of the possibility of opening a diplomat representation of Palestine in Uruguay". 

"I had the honor of having been invited by President Tabare Vazquez for his assumption. That was a change, it was the first time that Palestine was invited, and in that opportunity I have sent President Vazquez,  President Abu Mazen's greetings, and I have sent him a greeting letter for his assumption", said the Palestine official. 

He explained that the relations between Uruguay and Palestine are cordials, but " unfortunately until today we haven't had the opportunity of opening a Palestine  diplomat representation in Uruguay". 

"I think this is an outstanding debt, since Uruguay is one of the little countries in Latin America, where we don't have a diplomat representation . We have  diplomat representations practically all over Latin America", he reminded."

 "We hope that the government of President Tabare Vazquez can give us the opportunity of opening a diplomat representation. We are still waiting", added former Ambassador Suhail Hani Daher Akel.

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